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10 Things to Love About Fall Camping

by Kendra Clapp OlguínOct 3, 2020
10 Things to Love About Fall Camping

Crisp mornings, warm sunny days, colorful leaves, and cooler nights, what is not to love about fall camping? Here are our top ten reasons why you should join in on the fall fun.

1. Leaf Peeping.

I don’t care what name the townies call me. Ain’t no shame in my leaf game. Those beautiful pops of oranges, reds, and yellows never get old.

A woman stands in the middle of the road at Baxter State Park in Maine, taking a picture of Mount Katahdin and surrounded by fall foliage.

2. No mosquitos. I repeat, no mosquitos.

Any day I don’t walk around smelling like bug spray is a good day in my book.

A birds-eye view of Maine's fall foliage and a campground below in Hermon, Maine.

3. Daytime Campfires!

No need to stay up late stoking that fire. Extra bonus is being able to see while cooking over the campfire.

A roaring campfire surrounded by campfire wood, an axe, and a cabin full of campfire wood in the background.

4. It’s the BEST weather for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Autumn’s mild weather is perfect for some physical activity in the great outdoors without breaking too much of a sweat.

A man looks for moose at Baxter State park while also admiring the fall foliage.

5. Happy Halloween!

Many campgrounds celebrate the holiday for the entire month of October with various activities and events.

Rows of pumpkins at Treworgy Family Orchards in Hermon, Maine.

6. Fewer crowds.

With kids in school, fall activities beginning, and summer vacations over, less people will be out and about in the campgrounds.

Autumn of fall foliage surrounding an Airstream at Wild Fox Cabins and Campgrounds in Lakeville, Maine.

7. Excellent wildlife viewing.

Fewer crowds means better chances of seeing wildlife!

A moose having a bit of lunch in Lakeville, Maine.

8. Sweater weather.

That extra layer of warmth does wonders for the soul.

A woman wrapping herself in a Pendleton blanket on top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire.

9. Comfort food & warming drinks.

Speaking of good for the soul, a hot cup of coffee tastes best in cooler weather. I promise.

Two plates full of apple bourbon pancakes and bacon with mugs of coffee.

10. It’s the perfect weather for your furry friends.

With cooler temperatures comes less risk for our beloved pets. It’s the ideal time to put their natural coats to use.

A woman holds a cat while relaxing in an ENO hammock in Lakeville, Maine at Wildfox Cabins and Campground.