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5 Cookout Recipes to Try this Labor Day

by Kendra Clapp OlguínAug 20, 2021
5 Cookout Recipes to Try this Labor Day

1. Bourbon Apple Pancakes

Kick your camping weekend off with a sweet treat! These bourbon apple pancakes are delicious with a side of bacon and topped off with whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon. A cup of coffee on the side is a must, of course.

Someone scoops bourbon apples atop a pile of campfire pancakes. A side of bacon and a cup of coffee sits nearby.

2. Campfire Pizza

To some campers, ordering from the local pizza joint is tradition. I won’t argue with that but to those interested in taking on the challenge of making your own campfire pizza, make sure you check out our guide that offers campers tips and tricks to make the process easier. Nothing beats pizza around the campfire!

A campfire pizza is pulled from a Snow Peak Field Oven and Takibi Fire and Grill. The campfire pizza has mozzarella and mushrooms on top of red sauce.

3. Campfire Roasted Tomato Pasta with Burrata & Broccolini

If you’re looking to do something off the beaten path this Labor Day weekend, I encourage you to try this campfire pasta. Yes, a campfire pasta! The smokiness of a campfire is the perfect je ne sais quoi to a simple tomato sauce pasta. Topping the dish with a creamy yet mild cheese such as burrata only elevates the meal to another level. Chef’s kiss.

A plate of campfire-roasted tomato pasta with burrata and broccolini sits on a plate on a picnic table at a campsite.

4. Campfire Nachos

Nachos on the campfire is a quick snack or meal that pairs well with sides you can make ahead of time, like beans and salsa. It’s also an adaptable dish that allows you to use gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and other diet-specific ingredients. A win for yumminess. A win for everyone.

A cast iron pan full of nachos topped with onions, peppers, and meat sit on a campfire grate. A campfire is lit on the background.

5. S’more Sundae

This cool treat is an ideal way to end a camping day. Actually, this sundae might just be an excellent daytime snack, no judgment. Either way, here is our secret s’more sundae recipe we’ve been working on for years. Yes, YEARS.

A person sits enjoying a bowl of s'more sundae on their lap, covered with a camp blanket, and a campfire is lit in the background.