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5 Reasons to Gift an Experience

by Anne-Marie BylNov 29, 2021
5 Reasons to Gift an Experience

Having a hard time figuring out the perfect present for a friend, family member, or spouse? Surprising someone with a meaningful, unique gift can sometimes feel impossible. We’re here to help! It turns out that gifting an experience – a trip to a museum, dinner at that expensive restaurant, or a weekend camping getaway to any of Campspot’s 1200+ campgrounds – may actually make the receiver significantly happier and more satisfied than unwrapping their gift to find a sweater or the latest video game.

Here are 5 reasons to opt for an experience this year when picking out your next gift for the holidays!

Mother and child in hot tub looking at the sunset outside of a camping cabin in Gardiner, New York Jellystone Park.

1. Gifting an experience allows you to connect

Experiences are social in nature. Where a video game, new iPhone, or socks will provide enjoyment for just the recipient, an experience pulls multiple people into the fun. Create a situation where you are naturally spending time together and sharing an experience. And it goes without saying, watching the sunset from your campsite after a day of hiking will beat out a new sweater every single time.

Father and daughter fishing while camping.

2. Experiences don’t end up in the closet

We all have given a gift that, in a year’s time, is either outgrown or forgotten in the back of the closet. Gifting an experience is a guaranteed, clutter-free present to give to those who might not have the actual physical space for more “things.” The only physical space an experience will take is in your memory! Or if you bring home a souvenir.

Family playing jenga around the fireplace while camping in cabin.

3. Experiences are the gifts that keep on giving

While it seems like a physical gift might last longer, experiences are actually more likely to stand the test of time. A toy breaks, a sweater gets lost, but an experience like a family camping trip will live on. You’ll always have the memories, photos, and stories from the trip – and that’s priceless!

Mother and kids in a pedal boat at a Jellystone Campground.

4. Gifting an experience gets you excited for the future

Get excited more than once! The anticipation and build up for the gift only adds to the fun. Not only do you get to see the smiles and eagerness when opening the gift, you also get to see the gift come to life as you enjoy it with the recipient. Double the fun!

Airstream trailer pulled by Chevy truck surrounded by Utah red rock.

5. Gifting an experience means sharing the adventure

Adventure is meant to be shared! When you gift a camping trip, that’s not the only thing you’re gifting. You’re also gifting an appreciation for the outdoors, shared family memories, and travel experience.

Children playing in the water park at Jellystone Campground in Lodi, CA.

So go ahead and start making plans! Find and instantly book over 1200 campgrounds on and make this holiday season one they’ll never forget.