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9 Awesome Camping Games for Kids and Families

by Jeremy PuglisiOct 26, 2021
9 Awesome Camping Games for Kids and Families

Every spring we pack our RV up for the season and make sure that we fill a cabinet up with a variety of fun games for rainy days. We keep these games in the RV all year and don’t play them at home so that they feel special when we are on our camping trips. We also fill up a bin with outdoor games that often get used after dinner, when everyone just wants to chillax at our campsite.

My family includes three young boys that have been campers since birth! We’ve been challenged to keep them quiet in a small space at times, while we’ve also pushed them outside to burn energy at other times. Most importantly, we’ve used games as a chance to bond, giving us even more time together on our camping trips. 

If you are looking to do the same, check out this roundup of 9 awesome camping games!

Outdoor Camping Games

The best outdoor camping games are the ones that can be played on a campsite. If you’re like me, you don’t want to waste time worrying about your kids destroying the rigs around you. Plus, you also want to find games that are easy to transport in your RV, so they don’t take space away from all of your gear.

Spikeball: If your kids are as active as mine, you need something where they can burn a little energy. Spikeball fits the bill. Described as a combination between volleyball and foursquare, this will keep kids jumping and dashing until the end. Plus, it folds into a small bag, making it RV-ready.

Corn Hole and Ladder Ball: These classic games are something the whole family can enjoy together, no matter the ages. That’s probably why you see them at so many campsites. The rules and gear are super simple, and you can talk while you play. Perfection.

Jenga Giant: Take Jenga to a whole new level—literally. These massive blocks stack up to over five feet tall, allowing you to play an exciting outdoor game at the campground. This is yet another one that many ages can play, as long as they don’t chuck the blocks at each other. This one is a little heavy, but it’s worth the weight.

Throw Throw Burrito: The box warns that this is an “extreme outdoor” game, and when you see your kids throwing the giant inflatable burritos at each other, you’ll understand exactly what that means. What starts as a card game soon turns into a wild dodgeball bash.

Indoor Camping Games

Like outdoor camping games, the best indoor camping games are ones that are easy to fit into a small space. We like to take games that don’t involve a lot of pieces since no one wants to spend time crawling around the floor of the RV looking for something that was dropped. 

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza: Open up this tiny box of cards for big-time laughs. Though older elementary kids are the target audience, parents and grandparents will be drawn in. Who has the fastest reflexes? What about the best narwhal reaction? Who can handle all of the hand slapping with grace?

What Do You Meme? Family Edition: If you want something that can entertain tweens and teens as well as parents, this is it. Similar to Apples to Apples, the judge in this game puts up a prompt, and everyone has to pick the meme card they think matches it the best. Seriously, so funny.

Spot it! Camping Card Game: Place two circular cards on the table and see who can find the matching camping-themed pictures the fastest. This deceptively simple game is fun for younger elementary kids, while still being entertaining enough for their older siblings or parents.

Mollybee Kids Toddler Scavenger Hunt: Keeping toddlers entertained in a small space can be a challenge. Check out this scavenger card deck, which stores all of the cards on a ring. Just flip through the pictures and find what is shown—indoors and outdoors. Items are simple enough that you may find them in your RV or at your campground.

TableTopics Destination Anywhere Conversation Cards: Who doesn’t start planning their next trip while on their current one? This deck of question cards can engage your whole family in destination dreaming and favorite memories of past trips. As our boys get older, we really cherish these conversations.

Our family camping trips have taken us to so many amazing locations around the country, but sometimes our best memories are made when we are just hanging out together playing a fun game around the picnic table. Our family never minds a rainy day at the campground, because we always come prepared. I hope this list of 9 awesome camping games helps you come prepared too!