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Announcing the "Find Your Campspot" Tour

by CampspotterAug 14, 2020
Announcing the "Find Your Campspot" Tour

You didn’t think we were going to sit back during this “Summer of the Roadtrip,” did you? We’re joining in on the fun and giving Campspotters a behind-the-scenes look to an epic road trip through the North East by traveling with Campspot ambassadors Tyler Way & Kendra Clapp Olguín. The couple, who hit the road earlier this month, will be documenting their journey here on Camp Guide.

Campspot: Hi there! Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

Kendra: Hi, thanks for having us. Sure! I’m Kendra.

Tyler: and I’m Tyler. We’re a husband-and-wife team from Grand Rapids, Michigan, who have been living on and off the road in our Airstream trailer for three years. We first began touring the country with the non-profit HAS HEART, working with Veterans and designers across this country. That eventually led us to open our design studio, ONE-Y-ONE.

Kendra: Which led us to Campspot! An opportunity to combine our love of camping and the outdoors with our creative work- oh AND bring our cats with us? We’ll take it.

Campspot: As our very first ambassadors, what are you hoping of conveying to fellow Campspotters and potential customers?

Kendra: I hope we demonstrate how approachable and fun camping is! Neither Tyler nor I grew up camping. We’re relatively high-maintenance people, and that’s okay. I think there’s a stigma of camping with amenities in the camping world. At first, I felt guilty that we weren’t boondocking in the middle of the desert, living off of solar panels exclusively, or doing the long, 10-mile hike, as if you had to be completely immersed in nature to enjoy it. Then, after living on the road for two years, I got over it. To each their own, you know? I think people who do that are great and inspiring. Yet, there’s enough room in the camping world for diversity in many different shapes and forms, and one of those is how people camp and enjoy the outdoors. I hope we convey that there are ways to camp that fit every comfort level. By visiting various Campspot campgrounds in the North East, we’ll show different options.

Tyler: We all know how beneficial nature is, but now in the age of COVID, it’s even more so than ever. As we all learn how to live with new safety measures, we ought to turn to both medical experts and history, and the experts are saying that some of the safest ways to practice social distancing are outside. We also know that’s what they did in the past during the previous pandemics. I hope we can demonstrate how to get outdoors more and safely, where to go, perhaps that’s just a short drive away from home or somewhere far where you could work remotely while camping.

Campspot: Can you share some of your travel plans with us?

Kendra: Absolutely. Coming from Michigan, we’ll be heading through Ohio and Pennsylvania, with the Atlantic coast in mind. After several campground visits through some beautiful forested and mountainous areas, we’ll reach the ocean in Massachusettes. Then we’ll head south, visit the Jersey shore, and the Chesapeake area before going north to see the leaves change in New England. Once fall sets in, we’ll be heading back south through the Appalachian mountains, visit the Smoky Mountains and finish the road trip off in the Carolinas.

Campspot: Four months on the road, correct?

Tyler: Yes, four months. We’ll be visiting at least 35 campgrounds. We’re thrilled to show all that Campspot has to offer and more.

Campspot: That’s a lot of camping! What are some of your favorite things about camping?

Kendra: I think my favorite thing would be camping’s range of experiences. It can be a relaxing weekend getaway or an adventurous road trip. Depending on who you go with, it can be a family reunion, a bachelor/bachelorette celebration with friends, or a romantic rendezvous. With a variety of possibilities, I think expectations get dropped, and more authentic experiences can happen. I also LOVE cooking while camping. I swear, cooking over the campfire is good for the soul.

Tyler: I like the slower pace of life camping brings. Being disconnected like that makes you live in the present moment. Also, it just gets you outdoors. It seems obvious but activities like eating or reading and relaxing that you’d be doing indoors when home, you do them outside when camping.

Campspot: What are some of your favorite outdoors activities when camping?

Tyler: I enjoy hiking and exploring the local sites that make each place unique. Our next addition will hopefully be a pair of bikes so we can cover more ground.

Kendra: For me it’s kayaking, hands down. It’s actually a playful argument we have between the two of us. Bikes vs. Kayaks. Who will win?!

Campspot: In your travels, what have been some of your favorite places to camp?

Tyler: We had never been to California, and when we got to Northern California, we understood what all the hype was about. From the coastal redwoods to the Tahoe area, we loved it all.

Kendra: Last week, we camped in the Finger Lakes area of upstate New York and had the best time. The mountains, the water, the vineyards- this place had it all. We’re excited to continue adding “favorites” to our list.

Campspot: Speaking of lists, what’s your number one item on your packing list before a big camping trip?

Kendra: A warm, comfortable flannel shirt or sweatshirt. Even if you’re camping in the desert and you think you won’t need it, there will be a night when the temperature dips down or maybe long-sleeve protection from the mosquitos.

Tyler: My hammock- it’s the ultimate form of comfort! It’s easy to pack, clean, so it’s a high-luxury, low-maintenance camping item.

Campspot: Do you want to leave off with your most memorable camping moment?

Tyler: Oh, jeez. For me, it would probably be camping at Capitol Reef in Utah, one of the darkest places on earth. The stars were incredible.

Kendra: I think my most memorable is kayaking Lake Tahoe. We were lucky and got a warm day in the spring. There were no boats on the lake; it was just us, crystal clear water, and the snowcapped mountains.

Campspot: Thank you for chatting with us. Best of luck and safe travels.

Kendra: Thank you! Excited to share our journey.

Tyler: Cheers to that.

Stay tuned on Campspot’s Camp Guide and our various social media accounts for updates of the #FindYourCampspot tour.