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23 Ways to Have Fun at Camp Fimfo Texas Hill Country

by Joe ColemanJan 31, 2023
23 Ways to Have Fun at Camp Fimfo Texas Hill Country

Consider everything you think of when you think of “summer camp,” and now multiply that by 10. That scratches the surface of everything offered at Camp Fimfo. Located in the gorgeous Texas Hill Country, Camp Fimfo is a bucket list destination for any outdoor lover. Read on for the best things to do at Camp Fimfo to make your time unforgettable.

retro check-in sign at Camp Fimfo campground

Peak Season at Camp Fimfo Texas Hill Country

Peak season here is quite long, thanks to the mild Texas Hill Country weather. It runs from roughly the middle of March to the middle of October. Basically, most of the year is peak season at Camp Fimfo.

Of course, off-season campers can enjoy decidedly fewer crowds and relatively mild weather from mid-fall to early spring. Even in winter, the daytime highs are in the mid-60s. Overnight lows drop below 40, so bring layers. Overall though, the mild winter allows for year-round camping at Camp Fimfo.

Note that certain amenities and activities are only available during peak season, so check Camp Fimfo’s website for the most up-to-date information.

Best Accommodations at Camp Fimfo Texas Hill Country

Look, they’re all great. There are no bad choices when you decide where to spend your nights at Camp Fimfo. That being said, there are a handful of spots that excel among some fierce competition for best campsites here.

Riverview Cabin

a-frame cabin with wooden door swinging open at Camp Fimfo campground

Cozy and picturesque. Those are the two words that come to mind first when viewing the Riverview Cabins. These modern A-frame style cabins are quaint and fit up to two people. Granted, there’s only one full bed in the space, so ideally, you’re booking it with someone you don’t mind being with in close quarters.

Though it feels like camping, you’ll still have the basics of a mini fridge and A/C. In good weather, you can sprawl out on the attached front porch.

Coyote Cabin

two lounge chairs outside cabin at Camp Fimfo campground

Need to fit more than two people? Just want a bit of extra breathing room? In the Coyote Cabin, you can fit the whole family. The cabin fits up to 12 people across three bedrooms. Unpack and spread out with the dressers and full kitchen.

full kitchen inside Coyote Cabin at Camp Fimfo

Like the other cabins here, you’ll get all the comforts you could need, along with a spacious front porch where you can enjoy the cool evening air.

Preferred Red Carpet Back-In RV Site

parked RV

Came with your own rig? Camp Fimfo has you covered. While there are plenty of choices for RV spots, the preferred sites are easily the best. All red carpet sites have full hookups, a charcoal grill, a fire ring, and a picnic table, but the preferred sites have the best location.

Camp Fimfo isn’t exactly small, so being in a centrally located RV spot means you can get to all the activities and events as soon as you walk out of the camper.

Premium Tent Site

Just because you’re at a luxurious summer camp doesn’t mean you have to stay inside. While there are several tent site options, the premium site gives you a cabana for shade so you can stay comfortable in the Texas sun.

All tent sites now have improved tent pads, so you have a flat, comfortable place to put your sleeping pad. They also all offer 20-amp electric hookups along with a grill, picnic table, fire ring, and extra outdoor living space to spread out.

Like I said, they’re all good spots. There are other cabins you’ll love and plenty of tent and RV sites as well. If you’re going all out for your Camp Fimfo experience, though, one of these four spots should be in your plans.

The Best Things to Do at Camp Fimfo Texas Hill Country

Now that you know when you’re visiting and where you’re staying, it’s time to plan for all the adventures you’re going to have!

Camp Fimfo signpost with multiple pointing signs labeled "outside"

Take Flight on the River Zip

If you’ve never been on a zipline, this is the place to start.

Coming in spring of 2023 to Camp Fimfo is one of the most exciting outdoor activities in all of Texas. You might think that’s an exaggeration, but it’s entirely true. This thing flies 16 stories over the Guadalupe River for the length of three entire football fields. If that doesn’t get your heart racing, I’m not sure what will.

Enjoy Texas’ First Alpine Coaster

More adventures are in store for spring of 2023 at Camp Fimfo. The first alpine coaster in the state of Texas, the Cliff Carver, sends you hurtling down the mountain through the magic of physics and gravity.

Of course, if the idea of hurtling down the mountain sounds a bit daunting, you’ll be happy to know that your car comes with manual brakes, so you can take the Cliff Carver at your own pace.

Make Memories With Photo Opportunities

If you didn’t come home with a camera roll full of memories, did it even happen? Well, I mean, yeah, it did. Don’t you want a few photos, though? The answer is yes, yes you do. While you’ll have ample opportunities to take photos during your time, Camp Fimfo has a section set up with fun props and backdrops so you can really get into the photo shoot.

family photo at Camp Fimfo campground water park

Beat the Heat by the Camp Fimfo Pool

Want to take things a little slower? Head to the poolside and sit for a spell, taking in the south Texas sunshine.

Of course, if you’re more interested in continuing to hit the gas pedal, hop into the pool, splash around, and get in on a game of volleyball.

Have a Blast at the Interactive Water Playground

What’s a good summer camp without a water park? The splash playground at Camp Fimfo includes a pair of regular water slides along with two water slides exclusively for younger children.

It doesn’t stop there, though. There’s a water tower in the center called the hydrostorm bucket that sprays water far and wide, letting everyone in on the action.

water park with slides, hydro pump, and kiddie section

Play a (Mini) Round of 18

There are 18 holes of golf to be played, just not on a full course. You can’t have everything in one place.

However, if you think all disputes should be settled over a round of mini golf, I wish you many arguments. If nothing else, the winner is guaranteed to come away with bragging rights, so it’s time to start practicing your short game.

Head Down the Water Slides

Water slides at the splash playground not up to your standards? Fear not, there are four more.

Included at Camp Fimfo are a pair of tube slides at 242 and 334-feet-long, alongside two speed slides that are both 196 feet in length. Note that this attraction is open daily during certain times of year and only open on Saturdays during other times of year, so check the website for the most updated schedule.

Relax in the Hot Tubs

Flying down waterslides is a game for the young. You’ve had a long day filled with new and exciting adventures, and you just want to relax. Where do you go? The hot tubs, of course.

Off-season travelers, unfortunately, are out of luck on this one, but peak season travelers will have full access.

painted "Camp Fimfo" sign with armadillo and pink balloon design

Play Some Yard Games

You don’t need to put bragging rights on the line during your mini golf sessions. That’s what the yard games are for!

Corn hole, ladder golf, washers, and several giant versions of what usually are tabletop games are out there for your enjoyment, along with plenty of other choices.

Swim Up to the Bar

Hey, this is an all-ages establishment here. The kids can go off and do their things, but the adults are relaxing poolside in the best way possible.

With a swim-up bar doling out the best of frozen mixological wonders (alongside the classic hits, of course), there’s no better place to be when the sun starts to go down, and the late spring weather is absolutely perfect. Think of this like Cheers, but in swim trunks.

swim-up bar at pool at Camp Fimfo

Make a Stop at Squirrely’s Tavern

Prefer to use your two legs to approach the bar? Hey, no problem—Squirrely’s has you covered. With plenty of dishes inspired by the local cuisine in New Braunfels alongside a menu of craft cocktails and local drafts, you’ll want to take a leisurely tour through the offerings.

I mean, sure, you could cook while you’re at Camp Fimfo. It’s an option you have. Wouldn’t you rather see all the flair that Squirrely’s has to offer, though?

"Squirrely's Tavern" sign outside restaurant

Mine for Gems

While you can’t stake a claim at this Texas establishment, you can pan for rocks, shells, and gemstones. Get a panning kit and see if you’ve hit the motherlode!

Gear Up at Camp Fimfo’s General Store

Forgot something at home? Want to acquire some souvenirs? How about just grab some groceries and get settled? All of these are possible at the Camp Fimfo General Store. As much fun as you’re having during the day, you might want to come home to a stocked fridge too. If nothing else, grab some pieces to remember your time here.

inside general store at Camp Fimfo

Take Advantage of a Long List of Rotating Events

Even in the off-season, there’s always a few things going on. There are planned activities here every single weekend of the year, but for summer travelers and spring breakers, daily activities are on tap. Be sure to check Camp Fimfo’s calendar to see what’s coming up.

Spend Your Days on the Guadalupe River

I mean, it’s right there. Why wouldn’t you?

Camp Fimfo has 1,000 feet of river frontage right in your backyard, so take advantage of it! The beautiful Guadalupe River is perfect for swimming, floating, fishing, or just sitting on the banks, taking in the sun. When that New Braunfels summer heats up, you’re going to want to spend plenty of time here.

Guadalupe River flanked by trees and cliff at Camp Fimfo

Get Your Energy Out on the Playground

Turns out kids have boundless energy. If your whole party isn’t tired just yet, it’s time to hit the playground and see what there is to do.

This isn’t any ordinary playground, of course. Camp Fimfo has a set-up for kids to climb, swing, slide, and do basically anything and everything to tire themselves out.

Fuel Your Long Days at the Filling Station

Sometimes you just need a snack before you head back out. The Filling Station is the place to fuel up with sweet treats, especially their ice cream (handmade).

Maybe fueling your entire Camp Fimfo trip via ice cream isn’t the most ideal, so luckily, there’s wood-fired pizza on hand as well.

outside the Filling Station at Camp Fimfo

Stay Active on the Basketball Court

There are lots of ways to get your competitive energy out at Camp Fimfo, but let’s add some more options. Bring the whole family and get a game going. Head to the Visitor Center and check out all the equipment necessary to keep the fun going.

Get In on the Pickleball Craze

It’s here, and it’s just not going anywhere. Yes, of course, there are also tennis courts here, but pickleball really seems to be winning in the popularity department. If you were looking for one last option to gain some bragging rights over the family, the pickleball court is where you should be.

Get Some Air on the Jumping Pillow

Normally, I don’t condone launching children in the air. However, if it’s the jumping pillow at Camp Fimfo, we’ve found an exception.

Imagine all the fun of a trampoline magnified, without the worry of falling through the coils on the outside (never fun). If nothing else, it’s one more thing in the bag of tricks to tire the kids out before it’s time to get to sleep.

Wind Down in the Wading Creek

You wanted to relax by the pool, but the aquatic volleyball game was just too intense. Well, the wading creek is just wading for you to come on in.

Point being, this is the most relaxing spot in camp with its soothing waterfall sounds and the cool water.

Rent a Private Cabana

Don’t want to show up early to get a poolside spot? Prefer to be shaded from the Texas sun? Solve two problems at once by renting a cabana.

You’ll have lots of room here, and the whole family can hang out. Alternatively, let the kids spend their energy at the pool while you enjoy some well-deserved rest in the shade. Whatever you do, you’ll be sitting poolside in absolute luxury with a drink in hand.

pergola with sofas and TV

Spend the Afternoon in a Hammock

One last relaxation spot before we end this list. Kick back in a grove of hammocks and enjoy some late afternoon sun. Bring a book, some headphones, or just listen to the sounds of nature. Also, the fact that the hammocks are strung from giant marshmallow sticks is a fun bonus.

Thing to Do Near Camp Fimfo Texas Hill Country

If you can convince yourself to leave camp, there are several great nature spots within a short drive.

Jacob’s Well Natural Area

Just half an hour away is 80 acres of beautiful Texas Hill Country. The Jacobs Well Natural Area is an artesian spring made for relaxation. If you loved the wading creek at Camp Fimfo and couldn’t get enough of it, this is the logical next step.

This is a popular spot for swimming and relaxation in general, so don’t skip this if you have time to spare. Also, fun fact—Jacob’s Well Natural Area contains the second-longest fully submerged cave in Texas.

Rio Vista Park

Also just half an hour from Camp Fimfo, Rio Vista Park is a small regional park in San Marcos. It’s 14 acres and has all the best of a state park and municipal park in one place. While you can stroll around among the trees, there are also plenty of sports courts and a swimming pool to enjoy.

Guadalupe River State Park

Guadalupe River State Park is easily one of the most popular outdoor destinations in the area and just a 40-minute drive from Camp Fimfo. Really, this is just one of the best state parks in all of Texas, so it absolutely cannot be missed.

Yes, you do have 1,000 feet of river frontage at Camp Fimfo, but the state park is the ultimate way to experience and appreciate the Guadalupe River. Of course, the section of the Guadalupe River in Camp Fimfo, while very fun, isn’t as conducive to relaxation and nature-watching. Be sure to enjoy the 13 miles of multi-use trails for a fun day hike here.

Camp Fimfo patches

Camp Fimfo Texas Hill Country Has It All

Camp Fimfo has literally everything you could want out of a campground and travel destination. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor adventurer looking for some extra comfort or just trying to dip your toe in the world of camping, there’s always a good reason to head to the Texas Hill Country and visit Camp Fimfo.

Can’t get enough of Camp Fimfo? Explore Camp Fimfo Waco next!

Joe Coleman is a freelance travel and outdoor writer based in East Texas. His love for the outdoors started when living near Olympic National Park and has stayed with him ever since. Taking a respite from social media, you can reach him exclusively at