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Introducing the Campspotter Community Facebook Group and Giveaway

by Team CampspotJun 15, 2022
Introducing the Campspotter Community Facebook Group and Giveaway

One of our favorite takeaways from the first Campspot Outdoor Almanac was that camping is about connection. Nearly 60% of campers seek out connection with others during their camping experiences, and 90% of campers believe that camping has given them the opportunity to create lasting memories for themselves and their families. If one thing’s clear, it’s that camping isn’t just a trip, it’s a lifestyle that allows us to come together and spend meaningful, restorative time outdoors. 

To help facilitate that concept of connection and lasting memories, we’ve created a new way for Campspot campers to get in touch, swap favorite campground experiences and stories, ask advice from seasoned campers, and share cute camping pet photos. (We’ll go first). 

Okay, okay no more cute cats, back to the announcement. Drum roll….

Introducing the Campspotter Community Facebook Group!

The Campspotter Community Facebook group is a corner of the internet just for Campspot campers looking to come together and connect. In addition to access to adorable pet photos and chatting with fellow campers, Campspotter Community group members will also get a first peek at new campgrounds on Campspot each month and exclusive opportunities and content. Speaking of exclusive opportunities—we’re kicking things off with a Campspotter Community Giveaway!

Enter the Campspotter Community Giveaway

Join the Campspotter Community for your chance to win $250 of reimbursement credit good for any stay at a campground on For terms and conditions please see below. To enter the giveaway, click the link below to join the Facebook group and then enter below! 

Campspotter Community Giveaway

Ready to chat camping? Leave a note in the group to introduce yourself and share what you’re looking to get out of the space. We can’t wait to connect with you!

Visit the Campspotter Community Facebook Group

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