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Cheese & Charcuterie Campsite Picnic

by Kendra Clapp OlguínSep 24, 2020
Cheese & Charcuterie Campsite Picnic

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like cooking. Whether it’s drudging out the cast-iron works to make a campfire dinner, working within the tight space of an RV kitchen, or setting up the camp stove, doing this night after night during your camping trip can get exhausting. A campsite cheese and charcuterie picnic is a quick and easy meal that requires minimal work but packs a lot of flavors.

A top-down image of Crate & Barrel's Table In A bag with platters of cheese and charcuterie atop it. It seems on top of a dock with lily pads surrounding it.

At first glance, these displays might look overwhelming, but building your board is about balance. Sweet & salty, fruity & nutty, hard & soft, and so on. In my mind, if you’re going to eat a lot of cheese and bread, make sure to include a lot of fruits and veggies. Grapes are a classic on these boards but have some fun and throw in something unexpected like grilled asparagus or roasted tomatoes that can be made ahead of time at home and cooled.

A closeup of a platter full of peaches, cheese, grapes, olives, raspberries, lemons, tomatoes, asparagus, and avocado with a side of hummus.
A closeup of a platter filled with bread, nuts, and cheeses along with some berries.

When selecting cheeses, aim for a variety. There is the “trifecta” of cheeses: cow, goat, and sheep. Chevre is a creamier, more mild cheese that appeals to many. Then, of course, there is the classic of aged cheddar. Choose about four or five types. I selected aged cheddar, manchego, burrata, gouda, and chevre for this spread.

Condiments like mustard, jam, or honey act as excellent accompaniments to the cheeses, giving your bite an extra kick of flavor. I love putting a dab of mustard on harder, nuttier cheeses and honey or jam on more mild, younger cheeses.

Is there anything better than a fresh loaf of bread? On the day of your picnic, make sure to swing by the local bakery or grocery store to pick up a loaf. Additionally, throw in a dip or salad that nods to the local cuisine or culture. We happened to be near the coast of Connecticut so I made sure to swing by the local fish market for lobster salad.

A birds-eye view of Crate & Barrel's Table In A Bag with cans of beer, and platters of cheese and charcuterie.
A romantic image of two people looking at a table with finished platters that once had cheese and charcuterie.

There is nothing wrong with plopping down on your Campspot’s picnic table but try to explore different areas of your campsite or community areas of your campground. This Campspot in The Island RV Park included a small dock overlooking the lily pads on the shore of Pattagansett Lake.

Most importantly, be adventurous and have fun. This is about relaxing and not working too hard, remember? Bon appétit!