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Decorating a Campsite for the Holidays: A How-To

by Kendra Clapp OlguínNov 23, 2022
Decorating a Campsite for the Holidays: A How-To

This post was originally published on December 15, 2020. It has been updated for comprehensiveness.

Whether you’re wintering somewhere warm or planning on celebrating at the campground, many of us find that we’re not home for the holidays this season. If there’s anything I learned from the multitude of Santa movies, it’s that there isn’t just one way of spreading holiday cheer. Decorating a campsite can bring that holiday spirit you crave.

Here are some campsite decorating ideas for the holidays.

Campsite Decorating Idea #1: Opt for a Different Christmas Tree

Finding ourselves in sunny Florida while staying at the Ocean Grove RV Resort, we visited a nearby plant nursery in St. Augustine where there were plenty of festive and tropical trees from which to choose. We chose an adorable little kumquat tree to string lights on, and picked up a few smaller palms to help set the mood as part of our RV Christmas decorations.

kumquat tree as a Christmas tree for decorating a campsite

Campsite Decorating Idea #2: Put a Spin on the Classics

When decorating a campsite, don’t be afraid of trying something new on a holiday classic. Inspired by our surroundings, we covered a wreath ring we purchased with palm leaves from one of the plants we bought. I wanted a pop of red, so I topped it off with a few tropical flowers.

a wreath hanging on the door as an RV Christmas decoration

Campsite Decorating Idea #3: Focus on Lighting

Let it all glisten and gleam! Any interior decorator will tell you that lighting dramatically impacts your setting. Not to mention, the holidays are kind of synonymous with all things glittery.

RV decorated with string lights and candles

Vary Your Types of Lights

When decorating a campsite, grab those string lights and light those candles. We found that a lantern was a terrific way to keep those candles lit because the wind can definitely snuff out your vibe. A bonus is that it makes your RV Christmas decorations extra festive!

candles and lantern by RV

Campsite Decorating Idea #4: Make It Mini

Christmas trees top any list of campsite decorating ideas, but how do you adapt it to your campsite? As many RVers can attest, a mini Christmas tree is a fun and manageable way to bring the holiday inside your trailer. We grabbed this beauty for just $39! With all sorts of holiday sales, you’re sure to find one that fits your RV and budget.

woman with cat sitting by mini Christmas tree inside RV

Campsite Decorating Idea #5: Bring the Outside In

Decorating a campsite naturally lends itself to ornaments you find outside. Again inspired by sunny Florida, we chose tropical ornaments of gold flowers and palm leaves and combined them with some leftover flowers from the wreath we had made.

woman placing flower ornament on Christmas tree while decorating her campsite

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

After going for a walk around Rock Crusher Canyon RV Resort, we found a few beautiful pinecones along the road. Of course, I’m not advocating for damaging your campsite, just using items such as pinecones that have fallen from trees or perhaps palm leaves that the landscapers have trimmed. Use your best judgment and be respectful.

Campsite Decorating Idea #6: Treat Yourself

Don’t forget your sweet tooth while decorating a campsite. From cookies and hot chocolate to goodies and gifts, these little treats are what make the season extra special. Bringing these holiday traditions with you on the road is a quick way to make your Campspot feel like home.

pinecones and candle placed underneath mini Christmas tree inside RV

Don’t Forget the Gifts

PS. If you’re stuck on what to get the camper or RVer in your family, our Campspot Gift Guide is STOCKED full of suggestions. See what I did there?

couple sharing gifts and taking photos by Christmas tree in their RV

Happy Holidays, Campspotters!

Whether you’re trekking out in your RV or setting up camp in a new neck of the woods, decorating a campsite can curate that festive holiday spirit you’re looking for. Try out these tips to light up your base camp this holiday season!

couple sitting outside their RV after decorating a campsite

This post was originally published on December 15, 2020. It has been updated for comprehensiveness.

Photo Credit: Tyler Way