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Introducing the Campspot Outdoor Almanac

by Team CampspotMay 19, 2022
Introducing the Campspot Outdoor Almanac

As a leading online marketplace and mobile app for booking campgrounds, you might guess that by the nature of our business, we’d know a thing or two about the latest camping trends and experiences. And you’d be right! 

We’re grateful to the campgrounds and campers that trust Campspot to help them make the most of every season. So when we sat down to think about the best way to share the hottest camping information with our community, we took one look at our plans to write a formal report and said, “yeah, no.” 

Don’t get us wrong—there’s a time and place for reports,—heck, we’re sure to create them from time to time for our more data-obsessed campers and campground owners out there (looking at you, Campspot data scientists John, Jonathan, and Heather). But that time is not now. You see, at Campspot, we’re campers, too. That’s why we decided to pull together top camping insights and package them up alongside information campers crave when planning their next big adventure. Things like where to look for largemouth bass, how to cook over an open fire without losing your eyebrows, key dates for food festivals and meteor showers, and of course—destination spotlights with recommendations for where to eat, where to shop, and where to camp. 

Some of the key insights we’re especially excited to share? 

  • 90% of campers believe that camping has given them the opportunity to create lasting memories for themselves and their families 
  • 96% of campers say camping improves their mental health 
  • Nearly 60% of campers seek out connection with others during their camping experiences 

It’s pretty clear that camping it’s just a trip—it’s a lifestyle and a lifeline that grants a reprieve and helps us connect with others. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new publication dedicated to everything campers need not just to go camping, but to live their best lives as outdoor enthusiasts.   

Introducing the Campspot Outdoor Almanac—the inside scoop on all things outside! Created in partnership with Pinterest, this biannual publication is available for download and you can request a free copy of our next issue delivered straight to your door. From national parks to stargazing to seasonal recipes, the Campspot Outdoor Almanac is chock full of the Pinterest trends and information you need to let the good times roll this summer and fall. 

An inside spread of the Campspot Outdoor Almanac with graphs and bulleted lists of camping trends and data.

“Whether you’re the type of camper to sleep under the stars on the roof of your car, sip an IPA from the lake-side deck of a 5-star-reviewed cabin (guilty!), or organize the potluck at your annual RV summer campout, there’s one thing we all have in common. Our lives are made better by the time we spend in the great outdoors. And it’s with that knowledge that I’m excited to introduce you to the first Campspot Outdoor Almanac, brought to you by Campspot + Pinterest.”

Michael Scheinman, CEO at Campspot 

Ready for a summer you’ll never forget? 

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