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22 Outdoor Enthusiasts to Inspire Your Next Adventure

by Emily Hessney LynchFeb 25, 2022
22 Outdoor Enthusiasts to Inspire Your Next Adventure

Social media is a great place to start gathering inspiration for your next outdoor outing. Whether you’re looking for an exciting adventure or a more chill experience in nature, there are tons of talented content creators out there who are sharing their experiences with the world. Check out this round up of outdoor enthusiasts whose photos, videos, and stories may just inspire your next outdoor adventure.

22 Must-Follow Outdoor Enthusiasts

When You’re Desperate for a Glimpse of Nature

1. @theazhikeaholics – TikTok

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Arizona! The AZ Hikeaholics share gorgeous videos of National Parks and other stunning areas throughout their state.

2. @blindmonkeystudios – Instagram

Beautiful photos of foliage, waterfalls, ice caves, and the night sky fill the feed of photographer Jeff Giller. His nature photography is sure to give you some great ideas for your next Canadian adventure.

3. @thetrailvibe – Instagram

Victoria Nazworth is a photographer based in New England, and she has an amazing eye. The natural beauty she captures will definitely spark your wanderlust.

4. @calibreus – Instagram

Zach Doehler is a talented outdoor enthusiast and photographer whose images are full of vibrant colors. It’s impossible to gaze at his glorious photos of Canadian national parks and wilderness and not want to head into the outdoors immediately.

5. @beyondbytown – Instagram

Need some inspo to get out and explore your own backyard? Matt and Erica from Beyond Bytown have got you covered. They’re aiming to take 100 hikes in 2022 and are sharing their adventures along the way, including fantastic photography of forests, lakes, alpacas and more.

When You’re Seeking Community and Real Talk

6. @latinaswhohike – Instagram

A group of hikers stands in front of a trail map sign dressed in winter gear. One hiker holds a leashed husky.

If you have a passion for hiking, you’ll want to check out Latinas Who Hike! Their goal is to empower Latinas to share their journeys on rugged terrain. They also organize in-person hiking meetups and have a Facebook group where Latinas who love hiking can engage with a larger community. 

7. @eagertravele – Instagram

Outdoor enthusiast @eagertravele smiles as she adjusts her boots.

Preethi is a San Francisco-based hiker and photographer with stunning content. The beautiful photos she shares and the thoughtful, honest captions she writes make her account stand out. 

8. @melaninbasecamp – Instagram

Melanin Base Camp is helping diversify the outdoors. They share all kinds of useful content and are growing a community with the #melaninbasecamp hashtag. You can also find helpful information on their blog, like their new BIPOC Outdoor Resource Guide.

9. @kt4ta – Instagram

Kati is an outdoor enthusiast who shares tons of great information and resources. She curates lists of winter hikes for beginners in the Adirondacks, tips for layering in the colder months, and so much more.

10. @adventurewithdee – Instagram

Outdoor enthusiast @adventureswithdee looks at the camera.

DeEdra is a hiking aficionado who loves sharing her hikes with the community. She also organizes #HikeGood meetups, where folks can come together and enjoy a hike as a group. 

11. @thestrongsarah – Instagram

A person smiles while seated in a wooded area.

Photo credit: Caz Franklin

I love Sarah’s account because she is all about health at every size. No matter what you look like, you can enjoy the outdoors. You belong! Sarah is an avid climber and loves spending time in nature with her husband and dog. 

12. @outdoorsydiva – Instagram

Lauren is all about empowering Black women through travel and outdoor recreation. She’s based in Florida and travels widely. I especially appreciate that Lauren is always thoughtful in her posts by noting which indigenous people’s Ancestral Lands the photo was taken on. 

When You’re Looking to Learn

13. @takethekidscamping – TikTok

How can you opt outside with kids? @takethekidscamping, based in the Pacific Northwest, shares thoughtful content about how to create childhood memories as a family through outdoor adventures large and small.

14. @thingsamydoes – TikTok

Sometimes finding the time to get outside may seem daunting, but Amy makes it super approachable. She shares reminders that you can live in an apartment and have a full-time job and still be outdoorsy, and offers guidance to get outdoors.

15. @the.wanderpreneurs – Instagram

This family of four will teach you all about living life in an RV and traveling full-time. Their account is packed with tips for living with less, RVing, and unschooling. 

16. @thenationalparknerd – TikTok

Eager to learn more about the national parks? The National Park Nerd has you covered! They share incredible hidden gems and beautiful places in national parks, state parks, and beyond.

17. @gleason_family_adventure – Instagram

Two hikers smiling in front of a wooded area.

Looking to get into RVing? The Gleason family shares their experiences on their Instagram and blog. They conduct Q&As about their RV, share their stories from snowshoeing, cold weather camping, and sledding, and write tons of educational articles on their insightful blog.

18. @heyflashfoxy – Instagram

Have you ever tried climbing? Flash Foxy is a great place to get started with some online learning and inspo. They strive to create an inclusive community for women and genderqueer folks, offering an online space for learning and sharing. 

19. @adventureswithgabygaby – Instagram

A person smiling in a blue tank top.

From glamping to RV life to dancing around with her sweet dog, Gaby has an abundance of content to make you smile. Her content is full of useful tips for camping, and her Reels are sure to make you laugh.

20. @tylerhikes – Instagram

Outdoor enthusiast @TylerHikes smiles from a trail peak.

In 2016, Tyler hiked 7,000 miles, completing the Pacific Crest Trail, Te Araroa in New Zealand, and the Appalachian Trail. Tyler now shares about the Adirondack Park, the largest protected land area in the lower 48 states, and advocates for preservation of wild spaces. 

When You Just Want Dog Pics

21. @oldtimehawkeye – TikTok

If you’re considering a life off the grid, you’ll want to explore Old Time Hawkey’s TikTok! His soothing voice and calm adventures in the Upper Peninsula are a balm. As an added bonus, he has two very sweet dogs who accompany him on his adventures. Plus, he does lots of campfire cooking that may inspire your next cozy and delicious outdoor meal.

22. @jordankahana – Instagram

A person walking two leashed dogs on an open street with palm trees.

Jordan has his very own adventure squad, bringing his adorable pups Zeus and Sedona on all of his outdoor adventures! His account is packed with gorgeous, dog-filled photography and we love it.

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We hope these outdoor enthusiasts give you some fantastic ideas for your next adventure! And of course, don’t forget to follow Campspot on Instagram and TikTok and tag us when you’re sharing your experiences in the great outdoors.

Emily Hessney Lynch is a small business owner, reader, and writer. She lives in upstate New York with her husband and their three rescue dogs. They love getting outside year-round and enjoy paddle boarding, hiking, and snowshoeing. You can follow her on Instagram at @servemethesky.