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What Does Camping Mean?

by CampspotterMay 28, 2021
What Does Camping Mean?

Camping. It means something different to everyone, ranging from roughing it in a tent without electricity to roaming in an RV, to enjoying all the comforts of home in a lakeside cabin. Whether it means spending more time with family or being closer to an outdoor adventure, we applaud and welcome you to the great outdoors.

June 1st marks the beginning of Camping Month, and to celebrate we’ll be sharing stories from our community of what camping means to them: 


“We absolutely love that camping is a way for us to disconnect from our day-to-day and connect with family & friends.” 

Erin Aschow at Costa Vista RV Resort


“Camping to me means freedom! It’s freedom from sitting at my work desk all day. It’s a chance to connect with the earth, to heal. It’s freedom from alarm clocks because I wake up to the sun’s rays and the call of birds instead! It’s freedom from light pollution because I actually get to see incredible night skies like the milky way! It’s freedom from my limiting self-beliefs because it enables me to become more confident in my own capabilities and over time, more independent! Camping helps me believe that the outdoors IS for me.” 

 Preethi Chandrasekhar at Zion National Park 


“Camping, or sometimes glamping, is an opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family. Each year we find a new location in Michigan, booking a long weekend with my parents and a close group of friends. We bring our kayaks, swim in the lake, play cards, and catch up. I always find camping relaxing because you don’t have to plan much – you just show up with your tent, food, dog, and favorite people – knowing it’s going to be a great time.”  

 Rachel Garant, Campspot’s Marketing Specialist 


“Camping isn’t just about family time – after spending so much time indoors last year, we love that camping gets us out of the house and creating new adventures together!” 

Justin & Mo

Campspot employee enjoying the great outdoors sitting on a rock.

“To me, camping is an opportunity to strip away the stresses of daily reality and focus on all the simple things. I love the sounds of birds, the trickle of streams, and the deep connections made around a bonfire”

 Margo Mitchell, Campspot’s Marketplace Support Representative


“Camping has always meant a time where we can be together outside, learning, exploring, and soaking up everything that Mother Nature has continued to bless us with. This world is full of epic adventures that begin outside – camping under the stars, on the beach, in the mountains, or the desert. The possibilities are endless.”

The Restless Rustles at Grand Teton National Park 

Campspot Ambassador, Jackie with her two dogs hiking in New York

“Camping is our family’s favorite way to travel all together, including our dogs, in the warmer months. As many dog owners feel, our dogs are just as much a part of our family as our children. Camping has allowed us to never leave anyone behind. We travel as a family almost exclusively now and couldn’t imagine it any other way.” 

 Campspot Ambassador, Jackie Wojtak with dogs Aspen & Piper

Girl sitting on bench enjoying the woods.

“We have always been a family that hikes. During school closures, we found normalcy in our daily treks. In this past year, we had our first camping trip with friends and it was refreshing to be able to escape the walls of our cramped condo. Discussions are different outside, I don’t know if there is a way to explain it. Camping has become a more frequent activity and we are currently planning a trip to finally celebrate getting married earlier this year.” 

Danielle Ferriola, Campspot’s Senior Data Platform Engineer


“Camping means connecting with nature and with the loved ones you’re with. It means slowing down and enjoying the natural beauty that was put on this earth for us to enjoy! As smells of pine trees, campfire smoke, and food grilling fill the air, I’m always reminded of how important it is to relax and just take it all in and be thankful for this opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest.”

 The Wanderpreneurs at Kamp Klamath RV Park & Campground


Camping to me means connecting with nature again. It’s easy to sit in our air-conditioned homes and forget that our planet is filled with trees and chirping birds and flowing water. Removing daily distractions and surrounding yourself with nature is a great way to relax and refresh your mind. Plus, it’s a great reminder of the importance of these spaces. 

 Anne-Marie Byl, Campspot’s Digital Marketing Manager

mom with kids sitting next to RV at campground.

Camping for our family is, as cliché as it sounds, a lifestyle. We started as weekend warriors trying to cram in trips in between school and work whenever we could. Once we got our trailer, we were out camping more than we were at home. It eventually became extremely apparent that it made more sense to sell our house and travel full time. Camping has allowed our family to experience the outdoors in a way that we hadn’t imagined possible. Spending a majority of our time outside, in nature, exploring whatever area was around.

Campspot Ambassador, Alex Hardgrave at Hidden Grove RV Resort in Honey Grove, TX

No matter what camping means to you, we hope to help you find it on Campspot!