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What Your Marshmallow Says About You

by Kendra Clapp OlguínAug 5, 2021
What Your Marshmallow Says About You

Charred Outside, Inside Raw

There are a couple scenarios that could be going on here. This could be your first time ever roasting a marshmallow. You might be incredibly impatient. You are most likely a very young child.

Mildly Burned, Inside Melted

You’re patient and sentimental— you know how to roast and melt a marshmallow, but you’re nostalgic for that burnt sugary taste. You also like your toast a little burned.

A spectrum of roasted marshmallows sit on a cutting board, arranged in a circle. This shows the variety of options people like when they make s'mores.

Outside Golden, Balanced Shape, Melted Inside

When it comes to roasting marshmallows, you consider yourself a professional. Attentive, patient, and careful, you can spot the perfect roasting spot in a campfire almost immediately and know how to work your roasting stick. You keep a bullet journal, don’t you?

Outside Golden, Lopsided Shape, Melted Inside

You might be patient, but you can get a little distracted. Or, perhaps, you’re unsure, never knowing when to stop roasting. Either way, you often find yourself running to the picnic table for graham crackers and chocolate before your marshmallow falls to its demise.

Several marshmallows lined up, raw to roasted, to show the variety of ways to roast your marshmallow on the campfire.

Barely Golden and Inside Raw

You’re an over-thinker and slightly self-conscious. You fear burning your marshmallow and looking like an amateur. So you play it safe, and it’s gotten you far in life. Why stop now?

Straight Up Raw Marshmallow

You’re not even camping, aren’t you? I see you. You’re standing in front of your pantry, bag of marshmallows in hand, embracing your sweet tooth. I know you. I am you.