COVID Policy

Casini Ranch Family Campground

Hello Casini Camping Family,

Here at Casini Ranch Family Campground we are open for camping, following the State mandated guidelines regarding mask wearing in any indoor public areas. We continue to stock our store, sell propane, firewood and accommodate guests. We are extremely vigilant with our facility’s sanitation/hygiene practices. 

We Kindly ask you to respect the Casini Ranch Staff by maintaining the 6-foot social distancing and practice good hygiene to help keep us all healthy and safe. Your cooperation is sincerely appreciated by your crew in “blue”!

The changes implemented today are as follows and will continue until further notice:

  • All playgrounds, basketball court, volleyball pit and horseshoe pits are open here at the ranch 
  • Our dog parks remain open. Please pick up after your dog(s). We encourage you to maintain good hygiene by sanitizing your hands upon entrance and exit.
  • We are requiring that all guests take their own precautions to practice good hygiene, washing your hands on a regular basis and most importantly, before you touch your face or eat food. It is also recommended that you educate yourself with the current CDC guidelines as they will be strictly enforced in the park.

It is our continued hope and wishes that you and your families stay healthy, safe and protected over this sensitive time.


Casini Ranch Family Campground

As the main reservation holder, I have read and understand the current CDC guidelines and acknowledge that I am required to abide by them and take responsibility for all guests in my party. As a guest of Casini Ranch Family Campground, I agree that failure to abide by the guidelines will result in the eviction of myself and all guests in my party. In the event myself or someone in my party contracts COVID-19 while staying at Casini Ranch Family Campground, I release all liability/responsibility, release my rights to any and all litigation, and promise not to pursue legal action against Casini Enterprises or its employees. (if you are signing for a minor, please indicate the name of the minor)