COVID-19 Policy

Fox Hill RV Park & Campground


    Campers are aware that the Coronavirus pandemic has led to a declaration of emergency by the President of the United States.  Our Camprgound will be open but only under health and safety rules which minimize the risk of transmission of the virus.  We cannot be open for anyone, or allow any guest to remain, unless we have full compliance with the safety and health rules.

.  To assure that our guests are aware of and agree to abide by these health rules, we require all Campers sign this Addendum to the Camping Agreement.  This Addendum applies to and binds all Campers at Fox Hill Campground, Baraboo, Wisconsin (“Fox Hill Campground Of Wisocnsin Dells LLC”), and includes all family members at the Camping Unit.

  1. Social Distancing.  Guests are required to maintain the 6 feet of social distancing between them and all non-family members at all times.  Campground will offer curbside check-in or check-in over the phone before your arrival.  Only one family household may occupy a campsite (6 people maximum).  Other visitors will not be allowed. – There will be no gatherings other gatherings of the guests staying at a single campsite.


Signing this form at the bottom of the page INDICATES THAT YOU READ THIS STATEMENT AND AGREE WITH IT.


The social distancing and other health requirements are not optional.  I understand that if I or any member of my household violate these requirements, we will be asked to leave the Campground immediately.  We understand there will be no warnings or second chances.

  1. Campers shall bring trash bags, food, and supplies from your home to avoid unnecessary trips to local stores. – Campers should fill up their cars gas tanks before leaving home to avoid stopping at local gas stations.


      2. Bathhouses and showers will be open and cleaned/sanitized per CDC recommended protocol and schedule.  Campers will cooperate with the Campground by using the showers and bathhouses only as allowed.


     3. The camp store will be open for firewood, groceries, and other necessary supplies. The store will be limited per the stay-at-home order to five customers at a time.


  1. LIABILITY WAIVER.  Campers who decide to stay at the Campground are aware that the Campground cannot guarantee that the sanitary and other measures employed by the Campground will prevent COVID 19 or any other infectious disease.  Campers agree that they stay at the Campground at their own risk.  Campers agree that Campground is not liable to Campers for infections sustained or experienced by the Camper.  In the event that Camper should, notwithstanding this waiver, assert any claim against the Campground, Camper waives any right to trial by jury.  Any claim shall be heard in arbitration conducted according to the rules of the American Arbitration Association, applying the laws of the State of Wisconsin. 
  2. Camper understands that the social distancing and other health requirements are not optional and will be enforced.  Camper also agrees that in the event that Campground determines it is necessary to ask Camper or Camper’s group of guests to leave the Campground for any reason, Camper will immediately and peacefully leave the Campground.