COVID-19 Policy

Hatfield's Hideout Riverfront Cabins & Campground

Use COMMON SENSE. Follow CDC guidelines, We understand they change daily and they do not have a clue either. However our job is to force you to follow rules that none of us know are good rules to follow or if they even work. So, wear your mask, try not to spit or spray snot when you talk to others, and if you need to sneeze walk away and sneeze in your arm then remove your shirt go to the nearest fire ring and proceed to burn your shirt, if you have on short sleeves we have a butcher shop close by that can remove said arm and properly dispose of it. Wear a mask... do no hug, shake hands, go visit other campers that are not you rimmediate family or who ever you rode in here with. So in other words our policy is don't be so scared of dying that you stop living. This is an outside business, you are doing stuff outdoors, come to the trails and get outdoors.