COVID-19 Policy

Mountain View RV Resort

COVID and Mask Policy and Release Form

Here is our policy on masks – they aren’t required in our park!

Here’s why:

·       The Colorado governors’ executive order does not require masks in private businesses.

·       Most of our activities are outdoors where UV radiation from sunlight destroys the virus in minutes. In addition, air is the largest fluid on earth and dilutes any virus particles into non-harmful quantities in seconds. Epidemiologists estimate the chance of outdoor transmission is less than 0.1% and those cases involve very close proximity of very ill persons.

·       There have been several randomized control studies (the most thorough type of scientific study) on masks and every study has determined that masks make no difference in virus transmission. Several studies indicate that long term wearing of masks that are not cleaned may be detrimental to the wearer’s health.

·       Large studies of asymptomatic transmission have found that this type of transmission doesn’t happen.

·       The vaccines reduce the likelihood of serious disease by 95%. Vaccines are available to everyone now. The US is also close to herd immunity between those who have had the disease as well as those vaccinated.

·       The CDC has advised that transmission from surfaces is negligible – our bathhouses are open!

·       The virus is seasonal and risk is very low in the summer months due to naturally higher levels of Vitamin D in our bodies as well as abundant UV that kills viruses in seconds.

·       If you choose to wear a mask – do it! You can isolate yourself in your RV and just give us a call if you need anything from our store and we’ll deliver to your site.

Most important – your stay at Mountain View is about having fun. Getting lots of Vitamin D from sunshine and some exercise will also keep you healthy and the glorious mountain views will reduce your stress levels.

If you are sick, please isolate yourself in your RV.

We will deliver firewood and store supplies to those who wish to remain isolated.

By signing this form you acknowledge that your health is your sole responsibility and you hold Reboot MVR Inc. and Mountain View RV Resort harmless.