COVID-19 Policy

Steens Mountain Wilderness Resort

We, Mark and Debbie Webb, at Steens Mountain Wilderness Resort want you to know that your concerns regarding this virus are ours too!

The COVID-19 virus has impacted everyone here in our little community, our larger communities close by and most definitely around our world. We know that everyone’s decisions to travel is being influenced by this virus, and that the destination is determined by the safety and health to you and your family.

It seems that every day information changes on this new way of life. Hoping to help all those concerned, we are doing are very best to stay on top of all this ever changing information.

As we all adjust to this “New” normal way of life, we want to make you aware of some changes being made in order to keep everyone here safe and healthy.

General: We are asking all our customers and staff to practice “Social Distancing” by keeping 6’ between you and others.

Office, Laundry Room and Bathrooms:
1. Check-in process: we ask that only ONE person in your party come into the office to check-in. We are also asking that there only be ONE customer in the office at any given time. Should there be a customer in the office, please wait your turn in the hallway, only if you can practice “Social Distancing” by keeping 6’ between you and others, otherwise, please wait outside.
2. Laundry Room, Office and Restroom surfaces where anyone would have access to touch, will be cleaned on a maintained schedule with CDC approved products.
3. Bathrooms and Laundry Room can only have ONE person in them at any given time. If you can keep to the “Social Distancing” rule of 6’ between you and others then you can wait in the hallway, otherwise, you will need to wait outside.
4. At this time, bathroom access is being limited to only those customers who are in tents and/or pop up trailers that do not have a restroom.

1. Decorative items have been removed from all lodging units.
2. Special attention to light switches, door handles, faucets, and thermostats will be cleaned with CDC approved cleaning products.

With the “new” normal slowly returning, we are extremely happy to welcome you, our customer, back to this beautiful area of South Eastern Oregon.