COVID-19 Policy

Wildwood Outdoor Escape

Wildwood Outdoor Escape

2021 Covid Response Plan as prescribed by Indiana Executive Order 21-06


Reservations and check-in will remain contactless

Employees, staff and volunteers will be screened and results recorded daily determining body temperature as well as active symptoms of SARS COVID-2.

Face masks are required inside our facilities and all persons must adhere to the 6-foot social distancing guidelines provided in Indiana Executive Order 21-06.

Anti-bacterial soaps are available at each sink while hand sanitizer is available on the Snack-Bar Counter and Check-In Counter.  Anti-bacterial wipes are located in the game room and laundry room to wipe down coin-ops, handles and pool cues.

The following facilities will be disinfected using Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approved solutions while our building is staffed:

Restrooms and Shower facilities:                                             Every 4 hours

Recreation Center Outside:

            Patio tables & chairs, door handles & soda machine.            Every 4 hours

            Mini golf balls & putters.                                                        After every use

Recreation Center Inside:

            Door handles, hand rails, vending machine controls,

            all cooler/freezer handles, pool table edges, air hockey

            table edges & controls, foosball & skeet ball tables.              Every 4 hours


            Table surfaces, chairs, snack bar counter & check-in

            counter.                                                                                  After every use

Sun Deck:

            Tables, chairs & gate handles.                                                Every 4 hours

Swimming Pool:

            Hand rails.                                                                              Every 4 hours


Playground is open however, not sanitized, and social distancing must be observed.

We appreciate your cooperation and are happy to satisfy any request. We reserve the right to cancel any planned activities without notice in order to reduce the chance of eminent spread of the SARS COVID-2 disease.