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18 Awesome Things to Do at Carolina Pines RV Resort

by Joe ColemanFeb 23, 2023
18 Awesome Things to Do at Carolina Pines RV Resort

Carolina Pines RV Resort is one of the nation’s best luxury RV resorts. At the 2022 Campspot Awards, the resort took eighth place in the category Top Campgrounds in the USA, as well as fifth in Top Campgrounds for First-Timers. The resort has something for everyone, and it’s the perfect destination for even camping-shy members of the family to gladly head into nature during the summer months.

row of cottages, porches, and colorful lounge chairs at Carolina Pines RV Resor

Peak Season at Carolina Pines RV Resort

Carolina Pines RV Resort follows a pretty typical peak season from roughly June to August. That peak season is going to coincide with peak visitorship of nearby Myrtle Beach, so summer travelers will definitely see many more crowds.

aerial view of pool and campground surrounded by trees

Peak season also has the most amenities available, so off-season travelers should note that not everything may be operational during their stay. Note that seasonality applies to both the Myrtle Beach area and the Carolina Pines RV Resort itself. While the resort has plenty of amenities open year-round, some of its most popular attractions, like the water park, are seasonal.

If you don’t mind fewer amenities, you can really visit Carolina Pines RV Resort almost year-round. While overnight lows in winter tend to hover in the upper 30s, daytime temperatures are still around 60 degrees. Most travelers are going to want to skip December through February here, but the other nine months of the year are quite pleasant.

The Best Accommodations at Carolina Pines

Carolina Cottage Elite 2-Bedroom With Loft

green cottage with orange chairs and grill

If you want to go big, there’s nothing bigger at Carolina Pines RV Resort than the elite two-bedroom cottage with a loft. You’ll have plenty of space with a queen bed in the main bedroom alongside a twin bunk bed in the second bedroom, and full size mattresses in both the loft and the living area. Also included in this cottage are a full kitchen and small dining area if you want to cook while you’re here.

Carolina Cottage 1-Bedroom With Rooftop Terrace

This might be the coolest option in the whole campground. The rooftop terrace is a huge selling point and allows you a great view during sunsets with cozy outdoor furniture provided. The cabin design is a lot of fun, with a cool spiral staircase that takes you up to the terrace. Inside, you have all the amenities you’d expect, including a full kitchen and space for up to six guests.

Carolina Cottage 2-Bedroom With Fireplace Porch

family sitting on porch with fireplace at Carolina Pines RV Resort

You get all the space of the aforementioned two-bedroom option, but the included fireplace is the perfect option for late-season campers looking for some extra warmth at night. Off-season travelers will also really appreciate the large porch and fireplace as well. Inside, all the amenities are the same as the elite two-bedroom, also with space for up to six guests.

Elite Pull-Through RV site

RVs and golf carts parked in pull through sites

If you’re bringing the RV, this is the site for you. For nominally more than the elite back-in space, you get the convenience of a pull-through site. The massive sites can accommodate rigs up to 55 feet and offer full hookups.

The Best Things to Do at Carolina Pines RV Resort

While sitting around and doing nothing doesn’t sound so bad, there are a ton of activities to check out while you’re at Carolina Pines RV Resort!

Make Waves at the Carolina Splash Water Park

water overflowing at water park at Carolina Pines RV Resort

The water park is one of the biggest draws for visitors heading to Carolina Pines RV Resort. This isn’t just a couple of fountains, either. The water park here is more than enough to keep the whole family entertained with its slides, splash pad, and absolutely massive bucket that dumps thousands of gallons of water on visitors who look just a bit too dry. Note that this is a seasonal amenity, so check the website and schedule accordingly.

Take Things Slower in a Poolside Cabana

view from under poolside cabana with lounge chair by pool at Carolina Pines

Hey, I get it. There’s only so much energy to expend, and sometimes the water park just has a lot going on. Here’s an alternative option for the more relaxation-inclined. With plenty of shade and a whole host of amenities (including a mini fridge with complimentary water bottles), this is the place to post up and watch the day go by. If you really want to go big, up your reservation to an elite lazy river cabana for more space and more comfortable seating.

Throw Strikes at the (Mini) Bowling Alley

mini bowling alley at Carolina Pines RV Resort

You know mini golf, but what about mini bowling? Well, the pines aren’t small, but the alley is. Carolina Pines has a small alley featuring a handful of lanes that the whole family can enjoy. If you don’t love the idea of a large, loud bowling alley, this one might be a bit more your speed. Yes, I did pass on an “up your alley” pun, and you’re welcome for that.

Swim a Few Laps at the Pool

beautiful pool with lounge chairs and cabanas at Carolina Pines campground

Of course, you can also just hop in here and relax if you aren’t trying to get a workout in. Either way, there’s plenty of space to spread out and enjoy yourself at the swimming pool. The outdoor pools are heated during the winter, but you can also choose to swim in the indoor pool or hot tubs.

Join the (Beach) Club

This exclusive club gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beach without all the crowds. In the Myrtle Beach area, that isn’t exactly easy to do. The private club section at Tilghman Beach makes you feel like a VIP while you’re here, with a complimentary shuttle, several miles of exclusive beach access, and a veranda where you can enjoy the sunset.

Grab Your Putter and Hit the (Mini) Links

mini golf course at Carolina Pines

The easiest way to play 18 holes is to just bring one club. This mini golf course does have a full 18 holes for you to put your way through. With beautiful scenery and great weather, it’ll be like your own mini Pebble Beach.

Stay on Your Fitness Routine

Just because you’re taking time off doesn’t mean you want to let your good habits lapse. The fitness center at Carolina Pines RV Resort has everything you need to keep up with your routines, including free weights, training equipment, and plenty of room to spread out.

Expend Your Competitive Energy on Pickleball

It seems that everyone’s doing it, and while peer pressure is usually bad, this one might be an exception. You don’t have to bring your own equipment, though you pros out there are more than welcome to. Whether you’re a seasoned pickleball veteran or just want to try the game out, Carolina Pines has the courts open to you.

Spend an Afternoon at the Playground

playground at campground

Kids have a lot of energy, period. Step aside and let them tire themselves out on Carolina Pines’ outdoor playground. With plenty of things to climb on, jump off of, and do all sorts of other kid things, you’re guaranteed an early bedtime.

Enjoy Conveniently-Located, Low-Country Fare

You don’t have to go far to try the local cuisine. Lowcountry Landing is on-site and serves up some of the area’s best dishes, all just moments from your RV or cottage rental. For added convenience, Lowcountry Landing allows you to order online and have it delivered right to your campsite or your poolside cabana.

Try Out the Grille

If you’re at Carolina Pines RV Resort for an extended period, you might want to switch things up. Or maybe you just want a beer. Whatever you’re craving, the Palmetto Grille is there for you. With plenty of gourmet takes on comfort foods, the Grille is a great way to switch things up on extended stays.

Throw a Special Event

green field in front of lodge at campground

This might not be what brought you to Carolina Pines, but it’s an option available to you. Maybe you had such a good time on your trip that you want to come back for another round. Family reunion, anyone?

Center Yourself at the Yoga Studio

Maybe the fitness center isn’t what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for something more relaxed, the serene yoga studio is the perfect place to take a deep breath, stretch, and feel all life’s stressors melt away.

Run Up a High Score at the Arcade

If you’re gonna do it, why not try to be the best? Well, maybe don’t spend all your time indoors when you’re at Carolina Pines, but the expansive arcade is a pretty good way to get out of the hot mid-afternoon sun while getting your gaming in.

Show the Four-Legged Family Members Some Love

dog park with benches and trees at Carolina Pines RV Resort

The dogs have to get some energy out too. Let them make friends and do some zoomies at Carolina Pines’ dog park. Afterward, head down to the dog wash and get them cleaned up before they jump back in the car to go home.

Play Some Outdoor Sports

person biking by fountain at campground

Outdoor sports and other fun activities abound at Carolina Pines. With pickleball, basketball, a jumping pillow, and several other ways to stay active outside, there’s always something new to try.

Cast Some Lines in the Fishing Pond

Don’t want to head to the ocean? No problem! Carolina Pines has their own stocked fishing pond for you to cast some lines before you head out into the world and try some ocean fishing.

Kick Back in the Jacuzzi Spas

lounge chairs inside pool and jacuzzi at campground

If you’ve done everything at Carolina Pines RV Resort and you just want to take it easy, there’s no better place to do that than the jacuzzi. Enjoy the jets, sit back, and take a few hours off from a day filled with activities.

Attractions Near Carolina Pines RV Resort

aerial view of campground and lake at sunset

Though you might not want to admit it when you get here, there’s a world beyond Carolina Pines RV Resort. Here are a few of the local highlights.

Myrtle Beach State Park

This is the oldest park in South Carolina’s state park system, opened in 1936. While there’s not a whole lot of undeveloped land left out this way, Myrtle Beach State Park preserves a full mile of beautiful coastline for visitors to enjoy. While you’re here, check out the fishing pier or learn something new at one of the park’s programs.

Broadway at the Beach

This is one of the main attractions in Myrtle Beach. Broadway at the Beach is part shopping center, part entertainment complex. While you probably won’t spend a weekend here, the offerings are worth at least an afternoon, if not a whole day. This incredibly popular spot offers live entertainment, amusement park rides, and plenty of restaurants to enjoy.

Conway Riverwalk

Alongside the Waccamaw River, this small-town riverwalk is just 20 minutes from Carolina Pines RV Resort. The whole thing runs just a mile and a half in length and is level the entire way, meaning the whole family should be able to traverse the riverwalk with ease. From here, head to Conway’s Riverfront Park at the marina and enjoy the waterfront.

Plyler Park

Near the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk is this small park that’s easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it. Near the SkyWheel, this small green space is a great place to take a break and have a snack during some downtime. During the summer, Plyler Park comes alive and hosts events like concerts and other live entertainment. Be sure to check the schedule of upcoming events when planning your trip.

Carolina Pines RV Resort is filled with luxurious amenities that’ll make you want to stay forever. While the park itself has plenty to do and see, be sure to get out and see the surrounding area as well. The Myrtle Beach area is pleasant for most of the year and always offers something to do, so be sure to head out and see what you can find!

Joe Coleman is a freelance travel and outdoor writer based in East Texas. His love for the outdoors started when living near Olympic National Park and has stayed with him ever since. Taking a respite from social media, you can reach him exclusively at

Image Credit: Carolina Pines RV Resort