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Jordan Kahana’s California Road Trip

by jordankahanaMay 5, 2021
Jordan Kahana’s California Road Trip

Every year I go on a road trip around California with my girlfriend and two dogs, Zeus and Sedona. Since rescuing them four years ago in the desert of Arizona on my way to the Grand Canyon, we have been on a non-stop adventure. That’s why we’re the Adventure Squad

This April we decided to explore a new side of California with our 1980 VW campervan, Sunni. Taking on this California adventure VanLife style! Mapping out our route, we turned to  Campspot to help us hit beautiful coastal sites and interact with some amazing people who are full-time living on the road! 

Stop 1: Paradise By The Sea Beach RV Resort 

Our first stop on the road trip was down to Oceanside, California just an hour and a half outside of Los Angeles. It was a coastal drive the whole way down. The campground, Paradise Cove, is also just a 5 min walk to the ocean! 

Ariel photo of paradise by the sea RV resort with RVs and the ocean in the background.

This RV resort had all the amenities you could ask for, and some for the pups! Each morning, after brewing some coffee from the van, we would walk over to the pool area just as it would open at 9am to soak in the hot tub. In the afternoons, we would spend our time at the common area, playing ping pong, checking email (the wifi was top of the line here), and of course, taking the pups around to the beach and the pet-friendly areas. Dogs were plentiful, and Zeus and Sedona made friends at every Campspot we went to.

Pool area with palm trees in the back at Paradise by the Sea RV Resort

Stop 2: Launch Pointe

The next stop was in Lake Elsinore, where we found ourselves staying in one of the main features of this Campspot, the airstreams! Besides the amazing sunrise over the lake and mountains, Launch Point is most known for its rentable Yurts and Airstreams. Sometimes when you go camping, it doesn’t hurt to add a little “Glamping” to the adventure! 

Vintage Airstream available for rent at Launch Pointe in California

With crazy amounts of open space and pet-friendly locations, the pups and I had plenty of ground to cover. From the lakefront to the pool, back across to the restaurant and bar with live music, there was something for everyone at this location. We even made friends with our neighbors who had us over for homemade tacos one night. When someone at a campground offers you homemade tacos, you HAVE to say yes 🙂 

Stop 3: Indian Wells RV Resort

The third stop on the road trip was Indian Wells. It’s located just outside of Palm Desert, where the temperatures rose to +100 degrees Fahrenheit. Having two pups, and a 40-year-old van with no AC, there was no other option but to rent a Tiny House. Now, this was GLAMPING! 

We did our daily pool dips and even continued the hot tub tradition, just a bit earlier in the morning before the heat kicked in. We worked out at the gym, enjoyed the space we had to roam, and spent time in our Tiny House utalizing our full kitchen to make one of our favorite meals on the road, Stir Fry! 

Walking the dogs at Indian Wells RV Resort with an RV and palm trees in the background.

Stop 4: Cava Robles RV Resort

The final destination on this Camspot adventure was up the coast, past Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo. This resort had everything and more you were looking for and the people staying there were taking advantage of it all! There were bocce ball courts with free equipment rentals, a playground for children, a massive pool area, and a putting green tucked in the back. 

Pool area at Cava Robles RV Resort

Out in the secluded hills of the California coastline, Cava Robles brought amenities to your front door, with a daily rotation of food trucks! No one goes hungry at this location. Cava Robles has amenities for RV hookups and some of the nicest Tiny Homes and double-decker Tiny Homes we’ve come across during our adventures. We were sad to say goodbye to Cava Robles but promised to be back again soon. 

See more of our Cava Robles adventure, here.

Wherever your next road trip adventure takes you, Campspot has your back with top-of-the-line campgrounds. Each location on our California road trip was more unique and accommodating than the next. So pack up your car and hit the road knowing there are over 100,000+ Campspot locations to choose from.