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10 Most Instagrammable Campspot Destinations

by CampspotterApr 26, 2021
10 Most Instagrammable Campspot Destinations

Get ready to take your Instagram aesthetic to another level while encouraging others to get outdoors and explore. We’ve rounded up 10 campgrounds that our Instagram community can’t get enough of, and are sharing tips from Campspot Ambassador and photographer, Tyler D. Way, on how to capture the best photos while camping.

1. Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resort: Golden Valley

What you’ll want to capture: The Blue Ridge Mountains provide a beautiful backdrop for any photo, especially from a mountain view treetop cabin. You’ll find an assortment of photo-worthy amenities, including canoeing/kayaking, a swimming pool, hiking trails, numerous planned activities, and themed weekends.

Glamping tent with couple holding wine glasses at Golden Valley
Kids sitting in front of a treehouse at Golden Valley

2. Wild Fox Cabins & Campground

What you’ll want to capture: Grab your camera and head to Wild Fox Cabins & Campground where you’ll find yourself immersed in 155 acres of scenic wilderness filled with diverse wildlife and the legendary Junior Lake. You’ll also want to capture your impressive campfire in front of a cozy log cabin.

Ariel photo of an Airstream RV in the woods during the fall at Wild Fox Cabins & Campground
Fire and camping chairs in front of a glampign cabin in the woods at Wild Fox Cabins & Campground

3. Lake in Wood RV Resort

What you’ll want to capture: Just about everything. This Gnome-themed resort is truly unique, featuring a six-acre lake, an entertainment hall, and a Gnome Café. Looking for a one-of-a-kind experience your friends will ask you about? Choose from a variety of glamping accommodations like the train caboose, barn, yurt, or treehouse.

Train Caboose glamping lodge in the woods at Lake in Wood RV Resort
Gnome Home cabin in the woods at Lake in Wood RV Resort

4. Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resort: Quarryville

What you’ll want to capture: You’ll find that the lush woods provide a breathtaking backdrop for any nature lover. Bring the crew and snap a group shot on the top floor of the pavilion, available to rent for weddings, family reunions, birthday parties, and more! This park is the perfect spot to capture memories made that will last a lifetime. 

Ariel shot of Quarryville Campground with pool and waterpark
Log cabin in the woods surrounded by trees at Quarryville

5. Carolina Pines RV Resort

What you’ll want to capture: A campground that feels like a resort! The extensive amenities create the perfect backdrop for your vacation pics. Take an action shot at the Carolina Splash Water Park, challenge a friend to a round of miniature golf, or get ready for some fun cocktail content at the community lounge and fire.

Pool with cabana surrounded by palm trees at Carolina Pines RV Resort
Campspot Ambassador, Kendra lounging outside by a fire at Carolina Pines.

6. Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resort: Gardiner

What you’ll want to capture: All cabins and campsites allow for the whole vantage point of an unparalleled setting and beautiful scenery surrounding this Camp-Resort. Overlooking the winding Wallkill River, this park is set on 100 rolling acres with a majestic view of the Shawangunk Ridge. Be one of the first to snap a shot while floating in the new lazy river, or show off your private hot tub in one of the luxury glamping cabins.

Ariel shot of Gardiner with water park and RV campground surrounded by lush woods
Luxury Glamping cabins with private hot tub at Gardiner

7. River Run RV Resort

What you’ll want to capture: Granby, Colorado’s best-kept secret, River Run RV Resort. Vacation where the sunset melts over the horizon and the mountains provide the perfect composition for every shot. Snap a pic in front of your unique lodging accomidaions, in the pool with a mountainous backdrop, or take an action shot while playing a round of mini-golf. Feeling up to a photo adventure? This resort offers close access to the Colorado River, Lake Granby, Rocky Mountain National Park, and more!

Glamping at River Run RV Resort in a covered wagon
Outdoor pool at River Run RV Resort with mountain views

8. Oceanside RV Resort and Campground

What you’ll want to capture: The Oregon coast! At Oceanside RV Resort & Campground, you’ll experience the sights and sounds of the Pacific Ocean from every tent site, RV site, and vacation rental. Bring your four-legged friend along and snap a pelfie on their pet-friendly beach or explore the local area to capture whale sightings, state parks, wineries, hot air balloon rides, and much more.

Ocean coast with bluff and trees at Oceanside RV Resort and Campground

9. Emberglow Outdoor Resort

What you’ll want to capture: An elevated camping experience nestled in the Blue Ridge Foothills of western North Carolina. Take a photo in front of your glamping lodge with unique options to choose from like yurts, vintage trailers, tiny homes, treehouses, and glamping pods, your Instagram feed will stand out. With 72 acres in a private valley, you can escape the city lights and capture the night sky full of stars.

Glamping yurt in the woods at Emberglow Outdoor Resort
Family treehouse nestled in the woods with a fire pit and picnic table

10. Dark Sky RV Campground

What you’ll want to capture: This family-operated campground features 360-degree scenic views of a desert landscape and red rock cliffs that shine with a classic southwestern sunset. And it’s called Dark Sky RV for a reason! Brush up on your nighttime photo settings to capture the Milky Way and vast amounts of stars.

RV camping at Dark Sky Park

Tips from Campspot Ambassador & Photographer, Tyler D. Way on capturing the best photos at the campground: 

Tyler D. Way capturing a photo of the sunset.

Ask any photographer, and they’ll say that it doesn’t matter how expensive a camera you have because a great photo comes down to three things: lighting, composition, and the story it tells. 

Work With Your Outdoor Lighting

  • Being outsides provides the best lighting possible: natural. There are some parts of the day that will impact the best lighting. The “golden hour” will provide you with a low-angled, warm light after sunrise and before the sunsets. Typically, this will give you a warm, saturated glow in your photos. On the other spectrum, shortly before the sunrise and it sets, you’ll also have a small window of time for “blue hour,” where the sun is far below the horizon, but there’s enough light to create a cooler, darker vibe to your photos. 
  • Mid-day photos could prove difficult because of the harsh overhead sunlight that can create unflattering shadows on faces. Pay attention to the angle of the sun and the shadows it casts when taking daytime photos. Play around with the light and shadows because it can help create some stunning images if done right. 
  • Even though clouds may dampen your beach day, it can make for a great day of photos. The clouds act like a natural softbox to make your photos smooth and richer in color.   

Think About Composition

  • The composition of photos plays a crucial role in creating stillness or action. A level-centered subject will develop a sense of stability and symmetry, whereas an angled perspective will create the sensation of movement and motion.
  • The rule of thirds is helpful to create balance and a visually-pleasing photo. Your smartphone likely has the option of adding gridlines on your screen to help guide your composition.
  • It’s also important to keep in mind that for Instagram, the most immersive scrolling experience is a vertical photo (4×5 ratio). Remember that on your profile page, the images are previewed as a grid of squares. Make sure your vertical images aren’t cutting off significant segments of your subject on the top or bottom when they’re being viewed on your square (1×1) grid profile. NOTE: Instagram Stories photos can be as tall as 16×9! 

Tell a Story

  • Stories help create long-lasting memories that can be shared and replayed over and over again for generations. Camping and exploring with your family and friends is a great way to create memories, and pictures are a great way to capture them for years to come. 

Other things to consider

With so many pictures on our digital devices, it’s easy to lose them amongst the masses. A great way to regularly enjoy your photos is to print and feature them around your home and RV. Here are a few of our favorite printing sites: 


Polaroid Lab enables you to print directly from your phone onto Polaroid film for a more classic photograph option. For an extra classic vibe, use a label embosser to document the location, date, or short captions from your camping trip.

Polaroid Lab with polaroid photos spread out of camping adventures

We hope these tips encourage you to grab your camera, find your Campspot, and capture the special moments on your trip! For more inspiration and campground recommendations follow us on Instagram! We would love to see your adventures – tag @campspot for a chance to be featured!