Announcing the Best Campgrounds to Visit on Campspot

We're thrilled to announce the first annual Campspot Awards, a celebration of the top campgrounds on Campspot. Selected by outdoors industry panelists, the Campspot Awards recognize campgrounds leading the way in important aspects such as top destinations, camper experience, unique offerings, and design. Browse our categories of award winners below to find your next Campspot.

Top Campgrounds in the USA

To create a shortlist, we looked at the popularity of a campground, reviews, amenities, and location to curate a list of contenders for our panelists to rank.

Top Campgrounds for Families

These campgrounds are packed with amenities and activities that will keep your family busy while also offering the classic camping experience for families. To select our winners, we created a shortlist of campgrounds with the most kid-friendly amenities, variety of accommodations, and history of being popular with families, then had our panel vote for their winners.

Top Campgrounds with Views

These campgrounds boast the top views right from the campgrounds and sites themselves. Some offer mountain views while others offer waterfront views — in many cases, both! After creating our shortlist, we had our panel vote for the winners.

Top Campgrounds for First-Timers

These campgrounds have a wide variety of amenities and accommodation types to help the novice camper try a variety of activities and ways to stay. To select finalists, we looked at campgrounds not only for the quantity of amenities, but access to key amenities like a store, cabins, and concrete pads that make things easier on first-timers. After creating our shortlist, we had our panel vote on who they would recommend most for first-time campers.

Top Camping Sites

These sites have unique features that make them feel special. To curate our list, we looked at our most popular sites and selected the ones that stood out to us — each for their own reason. From our shortlist, our panelists voted for their favorites.

Top Campground Design

The campgrounds in this category have everything you love about camping with the touches of a boutique hotel. We wanted to recognize campgrounds that take their design to the next level and provide a unique camping experience. To create our shortlist, we looked at campgrounds with interesting layouts, interior design, artwork, stores, and other experiences on the property. Our panelists then ranked our shortlist.

Campspot Awards Panelists

Campspot worked with a group of talented outdoors industry professionals to select our 2022 award recipients.