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Campspot's 2021 Gift Guide

by CampspotterNov 19, 2021
Campspot's 2021 Gift Guide

Happy Holidays, everyone! Here are our favorite items from full-time living and camping on the road to help you shop for the campers and RVers in your life. Whether you’re aiming to get something handy or just merely recreational, something big or small, there is sure to be something here on the list for everyone.

1. Solo Stove Fire Pit

For those in your life who enjoy the perfect bonfire, the gift of a Solo Stove would send them over the moon. With their Signature 360° Airflow Design™ creating a super-efficient secondary burn, Solo Stove Fire Pits have less smoke compared to others. With a fire that burns more efficiently, you’ll be able to kick back and relax more instead of constantly tending to the fire.

Their portable fire pits come in three different sizes, Ranger, Bonfire, and the Yukon, and have a variety of accessories that will further elevate your experience.

Campspot Ambassador Alex Hardgrave loves ending the night cozying around the campfire with her wife and kids.

2. Woods Canada folding camping chair

Here it is, the most asked-about item of our camping setup. I agree that these babies deserve all of the attention. These chairs are easy to transport, but without sacrificing comfort. They are called the Woods Canada “Mammoth” chair and live up to their big name.

Canada Woods Mammoth camping chair with a Pendleton blanket and pillow in the woods of Maine.

3. PARKS Board Game

PARKS is a celebration of the US National Parks created in partnership between Keymaster Games and the Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series. Hike along a different trail every season, take in the sights, and experience the beauty of our parks in this immersive board game.

4. Collapsable Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

A classic and a great stocking-stuffer, collapsable marshmallow roasting sticks are a great way to get the kids excited about the camping trips to come next spring and summer.

Roasting marshmallows over the campfire with collapsable roasting stick.

5. ENO Hammock

The hammock is the ultimate sign of relaxation at the campsite. Campspot Ambassador Alex Hardgrave from Scout’d recommends ENO Hammocks because it’s lightweight, easy to set up, and comfortable too!

Two children in two ENO hammocks swinging from a tree.
Woman and child on an ENO hammock next to a river.

6. Table In A Bag

Tyler totally doubted whether this was a good buy when I first purchased this aptly named “Table In A Bag,” but it’s become one of our most-used items at our campsite. About the size of a square coffee table, the entire contraption comes apart and rolls up to fit inside, well, a bag. There are different variations and colors out there, but we liked the grey color from Crate & Barrel.

Table in a bag from Crate & Barrel on a deck overlooking a Lilly pond. On the table are cheese and charcuterie boards and beer.

7. Epica Campfire Tongs & Log Grabber & Fire-Resistant Gloves

Before we hit the road for this tour, we used extra pieces of campfire wood to move wood around the fire. Looking back and putting it frankly, that was so dumb of us. A super-affordable must-have around the campfire, the log grabber, makes it easy to maintain your fire safely.

Which brings us to the fire-resistant gloves. Whether your cooking on the campfire or simply enjoying a cozy evening by the fire, these gloves enable you to handle any metal near the fire, such as cast-iron pans or grates, or add another log to the fire safely. Whatever glove you choose, pay careful attention to the temperature limits and directions.

Heat- resistant sueded black gloves and a campfire log grabber atop a pile of campfire wood.
A man wearing heat-resistant gloves and using the log grabber while above a roaring campfire flame.

8 Insulated Water Bottles

From hiking to lounging around the Campspot, a refillable water bottle helps you stay well-hydrated while camping. We bring our bottles with us everywhere and love that the water stays cold for hours.

Woman overlooking the seacoast in Acadia National Park with two Takeya water bottles in her backpack.

9. Polaroid Lab Instant Printer

Unsure of what to do with the many images on your phone from your camping trips? We recently purchased this printer to help us document our adventures and travels. It’s retro meets modern with the ability to connect with your phone via Bluetooth but prints on polaroid film.

Polaroid Lab Instant Printer sitting atop a Santa hat, underneath a Christmas tree and surrounded by polaroid photos.
A phone atop the Polaroid Lab Instant Printer and Santa hat with Polaroid image of camping beneath.
Polaroid Instant Lab Printer with Polaroid camping images on top of a marble table top.

10. MiiR Pourigami

This one is for the millennial coffee snob of the family. Every family has one. I know this because Tyler is one. The portability of MiiR’s Pourigami makes it incredibly easy to brew high-quality pour-over coffee at any Campspot. Fold it up flat and carry it with you in your backpack, camping tub, or RV drawer.

MiiR Pourigami on top of a MiiR mug with a tea kettle in the background. An image of making coffee at the campsite.
Top down shot of MiiR's Pourigami with hot water and ground coffee shown within a coffee filter.

11. Warm Beanie

Did we include this item on our list because we wanted to share this adorable picture of our cat Luna? Maybe. Regardless, hats are always something easy to pack and throw on if the temperature dips.

A woman wearing a New Balance beanie hat and holding her cat in a hammock.

12. Lodge Cast Iron Pan

Another camping classic, the cast iron pan, might be the perfect gift for someone new to camping. Whether you’re staying in a tent, RVing, or camping in a cabin, chances are, you ought to bring your cast iron pan. Even if your camper-in-mind already owns a cast iron pan, there’s always the need for a new size or new style. Additionally, if you’re looking for a stocking-stuffer to accompany the gift, a cast iron care kit might come in handy.

A Lodge Cast Iron double-handle Pan with nachos and ground beef with a campfire in the background.
A Lodge Cast Iron double-handle pan with cinnamon apples being cooked over the campfire.
A Lodge Cast Iron double-handle pan with a lid on top of a campfire grate next to roasted corn on the cob.

13. LL Bean’s Classic Flannel

I am actually wearing this item as I type! We picked up some comfy pieces at LL Bean while at their headquarters in Maine. Needless to say, it was a camper’s paradise. Flannels are easy to layer and warm but usually not too hot. There is a reason why they are tied to the imagery of camping.

A woman in LL Bean's classic flannel shirt that is red and plaid, kayaking in a yellow kayak.
LL Bean's classic plaid flannel thrown on top of a Canada Woods Mammoth chair that's sitting near a campfire.
A woman hiking in Maine wearing LL Bean's classic plaid flannel, wearing a backpack with two white Takeya water bottles, and overlooking a creek.

14. Portable Solar Charger

Regardless of whether you have full hookups or have access to an outlet, a portable solar charger is handy to have at the campsite as well as while hiking or adventuring.

A portable solar panel phone charger on top of a wooden picnic table. A phone is connected to the charger.

15. Coleman Portable Propane Gas Classic Stove

One of the most recent additions to our camping setup is this Coleman two-burner stove. If you and your spouse are looking for ways to do more things outside, this camping stove might be of great help. We bought ours when we realized that we enjoyed cooking outside but didn’t want to do the whole campfire production.

Coleman Portable propane gas classic two-burner stove on top of a picnic table with coffee mugs, an aero press, water kettle, and bag of coffee surrounding it.
A person pouring olive oil into a Lodge Cast Iron double-handle pan that is filled with Beyond Meat ground beef, all on top of a Coleman portable propane glass classic stove.

16. Fatwood Firestarters

We swear by these. Powerful, environmentally-friendly, and affordable, Fatwood is on our “must-have” list. Below is a description from their website as to what makes Fatwood different from the rest:

Fatwood Firestarter consists of two parts:  pinewood and the resin created in that very tree; It’s 100% all-natural. As the tree matures, this natural resin moves downward, collecting in the stump. With this high concentration of natural resin, we don’t need to add chemicals or additives like so much of our competition.

A bag of Fatwood on top of a wooden picnic table.

17 . A Tride-And-True Hiking Shoe

For the hiker in your family, surprise them with a pair of quality hiking shoes. I recently added these Nike trail runners to my shoe collection as I wanted an alternative to the hiking boots I already had.

A woman wearing black leggings standing on a log wearing black Nike trail running tennis shoes.
Black Nike trail running shoes on top of a boulder.

18. The Stinky Stocking Stuffers

If you enjoy some good bathroom humor, you might consider getting the RVer in your family something both funny and useful like Walex Porta-Pak Holding Tank Deodorizer Drop-Ins, Rapid-Dissolving RV & Boat Toilet Paper, a Camco Ready-to-Use RV Sewer Hose Kit, or a Camco 20 ft. Plastic Sewer Hose Support. Top it off with a Cousin Eddie holiday card. Trust me, it’s hilarious.

Scott RV toilet paper, Porta Pak Holding Tank Deodorizer Drop-Ins, and a Camco sewage hose and hose support next to a Christmas tree.

19. The Ultimate Gift For the Family: Let’s Go Camping!

Of course, the ultimate camping gift is a camping trip for the family. With Spring and Summer 2021 bookings starting to flow in, now is the best time to secure next year’s Campspot. Here are some suggestions on where to go:

Ride Out Ranch in Florence, AZ

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resort: Luray in Luray, VA

An aerial shot of Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resort: Luray in Luray, VA.

The Ramblin’ Redwoods Campground and RV Park in Crescent City, CA

Winding River Resort in Grand Lake, CO

Wild Fox Cabins & Campground in Lakeville, ME

Carolina Pines RV Resort near Myrtle Beach, SC

We’re wishing our Campspotters the happiest of holidays and looking forward to seeing you all at the campground soon!