The Best Camping Near Buffalo, New York

The Best Camping Near Buffalo, New York

Campgrounds near Buffalo bring visitors closer to well-known landmarks like Niagara Falls, while also providing the peace and quiet of less-visited spots like Akron Falls County Park. Get on the water in a kayak or on a stand up paddleboard, or take a relaxing swim at the beach during your Buffalo camping trip.

Buffalo, New York
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About Camping Near Buffalo

From CycleBoats to schooner tours on Lake Eerie, water recreation is easy to come across from campgrounds near Buffalo! If trees and trails are more your vibe, head out to Beaver Meadow, Deer Lick Conservation Area, or 18-Mile Creek. Play tourist for a day while camping near Buffalo to witness the heart-thumping wonder of Niagara Falls, or venture across the border to relax on Ontario beaches.

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Buffalo Camping FAQs

With mild weather through spring, summer, and fall, Buffalo and its surrounding state parks are a great area to go camping. From bird-watching in the estuaries and along the lakeshore to floating through the clouds in a hot air balloon over natural waterfalls, Buffalo has an endless stream of unique and memory-making outdoor activities. As a burgeoning sports mecca and city that several historic residents called home, Buffalo has a little something for everyone. Here are your questions answered on one of the best camping destinations in New York.

What’s the best time of year to go camping in Buffalo?

The humid continental climate of Buffalo makes it a great camping destination in New York. Buffalo is a four-season city and sees everything from humid summers to brutal winters. The best time to go camping in Buffalo is in summer. Temperatures typically hover between the low 50s and high 80s. Spring and fall are also good times to plan a camping trip as long as you prepare for potentially cold nights.

Buffalo sees a ton of snow come the winter months, averaging almost 100 inches. Talk about a snow globe! While winter is beautiful, snow storms like blizzards can happen suddenly. Think twice before planning a camping trip from December to February.

What should I pack for camping near Buffalo?

Camping in Buffalo is the perfect opportunity to soak in all the natural wonders that Western New York has to offer. Here are a few reminders of what to pack that will make your camping trip to Buffalo all the better.

  • Bug spray
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Headlamps or flashlights
  • Extra batteries
  • Compass
  • First aid kit
  • Binoculars

Gathering Around the Fire

Bringing a fire starter and purchasing wood from within the park will set you on a path toward a great campfire experience. Collecting downed wood is a no-no as logs are considered a habitat for insects and small woodland creatures like chipmunks. Also, more and more areas that weren’t wildfire risks are becoming a threat. Always follow fire-level signage to be sure you aren’t building a fire where it isn’t allowed.

Bugs, Be Gone

Like many natural areas in the U.S., Buffalo is home to thousands of mosquitoes. Don’t become their next meal! Bug spray, long sleeve shirts, and pants are all great ways to keep them at bay.


Birdwatching in wildlife-ridden Buffalo is world-renowned. Bring along a pair of binoculars to spot those tiny chickadees and snowy egrets.

What are the top outdoor activities near Buffalo?

Outdoor activities are plentiful in Buffalo, making this a great camping destination in Western New York. From proximity to the picturesque Finger Lakes, remote swimming holes, and hundreds of local waterfalls, the Queen City just might be the best place in the Empire State to get away from it all and connect to nature. Here are the best outdoor activities in Buffalo.


Buffalo has endless hiking trails to explore, many of which end in unique sights like the eternal flame, rolling meadows, and waterfalls.

Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

Buffalo’s prime location near both Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, and the Niagara River mean paddling lovers are spoiled for choice. Kayak around the Buffalo Harbor or down the Buffalo River and see why Buffalonians love to be on the water.


The Queen City and the pristine natural wilderness nearby are great locations to do some birdwatching, and in fact, the city has its own ornithological society. Buffalo was designated a “Globally Significant Important Bird Area,” the same accolade that was given to areas like the Everglades and Yellowstone. Bring your binoculars and keep an eye out for yellow warblers, cedar waxwings, and eastern bluebirds.


Dozens of unique swimming holes and the city’s proximity to pristine lakeshore make Buffalo an awesome destination for taking a dip come summer.


Buffalo’s burgeoning biking scene is firmly taking root with new bike trails being added every year.

Hot Air Ballooning

Check out companies like Balloons Over Letchworth that will take you floating over the stunning Letchworth State Park and offer a perfect bird’s-eye view of the cascading falls below.

Zoar Valley

Only an hour’s drive from downtown Buffalo, the Zoar Valley is a fun and beautiful weekend destination for floating your troubles away through the rock rivers.

What major sights should I see in Buffalo?

Originally founded in 1801, Buffalo is a an integral part of our nation’s story. The home of both Harriet Tubman and the country’s 13th president, Buffalo offers countless sights that are both exciting and historic while you’re camping in Buffalo. Here are some of the best.

City Hall Observation Deck

Enjoy sweeping views of the city of Buffalo from the most beautiful building in the downtown area. Ascend 25 stories to the observation deck for not only skyline scenery, but also that of the stunning Lake Erie.

Buffalo History Museum

A celebration of the deep historical roots of the Buffalo community, the Buffalo History Museum is an important addition to any history buff’s itinerary. From a pioneer gallery and the Native American exhibit to historic artifacts from Erie County, this is the best place in town to learn about Buffalo’s history.

Buffalo Botanical Gardens

Serving the Buffalo and Erie communities for well over 100 years, the Buffalo Botanical Gardens host myriad plants from several climate zones, offering sections like the Aquatic Garden, Asian Rainforest, and Carnivorous Plants & Medicinal Garden. Walk through the steamy atmosphere of the replicated Victorian glass greenhouse to enjoy flora from across the globe.

Buffalo Theatre District

An energetic metropolitan strip in downtown Buffalo, the Theatre District is overflowing with movie theaters, art galleries, and live music venues. Enjoy a true night on the town while also exploring the restaurants and shops around.

Buffalo Bills Stadium

Even those who aren’t fans of American football have probably heard of the wiley Bills Mafia. The Buffalo Bills Stadium is a riot of fun come fall and winter.

Millard Fillmore House

The historic home of our 13th president, the Millard Fillmore House was built in 1826 by Mr. Fillmore himself. Learn about the president’s illustrious past and tour his home replete with his daughter’s musical instruments and artwork.

Harriet Tubman National Historic Park

The location of Buffalo native Harriet Tubman’s home, this National Historic Park is dedicated to teaching the next generation about the Underground Railroad and the atrocities of slavery. This is an incredibly important landmark in the United States that every visitor to Buffalo should seek out.

Are there any national parks or state parks near Buffalo?

State parks are plentiful in the wilderness around Buffalo. From stunning sunsets slipping into the Great Lakes to waterfalls plunging into a scenic gorge, there’s something for every intrepid explorer. While national parks are a bit too far-flung, here are the best state parks to visit when camping near Buffalo.

Buffalo Harbor State Park

(6 minutes)

Located within the metropolitan area of Buffalo along the Lake Ontario shore, the Buffalo Harbor State Park lives up to its name with several kayak launch areas, a marina, and an area for fish cleaning. This is one of Buffalo’s premier accesses to the lake within the bounds of the city center.

Evangola State Park

(35 minutes)

Evangola State Park is situated along Lake Erie’s scenic shores and boasts sprawling picnic areas, craggy cliffs, and swimming areas.

Letchworth Falls State Park

(1 hour, 7 minutes)

With scenic cliff-top views and stunning waterfalls, Letchworth Falls State Park is well worth the hour’s drive outside of Rochester. Called the “Grand Canyon of the East,” the Genesee River carves its way through a narrow gorge. The most iconic of the over-dozen waterfalls here is the Upper Falls, with a beautiful train trestle perched above it.

Allegany State Park

(1 hour, 10 minutes)

Also known as the Quaker Area, Allegany State Park is a historic nature preserve only an hour’s drive from downtown Buffalo. With over 90 miles of manicured snowmobile trails and boundless wilderness for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, the park is also home to several historic sites like the Old Quaker Dance Hall and several fire lookout towers.

Taughannock State Park

(2 hour, 25 minutes)

Taughannock State Park’s claim to fame is the incredible, 215-foot Taughannock Falls which plunges into the gorge below. The falls are even more picturesque in October when golden leaves frame the cliffs beside it.

Niagara Falls State Park

(24 minutes)

Flowing across the border of Canada and the United States, visitors can see over 3,000 tons of water gush every second into the Niagara River. Tourists can come year-round to see frozen plumes of ice or rainbows in the mist, although facilities are limited in winter. The iconic Maid of the Mist runs from April to November, depending on the weather. You can witness the majesty of Niagara Falls from the Hurricane Deck in the Cave of the Winds.

Where are the best places to eat near Buffalo?

Buffalo’s iconic culinary scene is a foodie wonderland. As the home of the famous buffalo wing and a rich heritage of German cuisine, Buffalo is one of the best places to eat in all of New York. Here are some of the best and most iconic places to eat in Nickel City.


While Anchor Bar claims to be the inventor of the buffalo wing, Duff’s might be the city’s favorite. No trip to Buffalo would be complete without testing out their mild buffalo sauce on a crispy chicken wing. They also offer classic bar food like pizza and jalapeno poppers.


Nestled inside a historic home, Betty’s epitomizes Buffalo’s humble demeanor with homestyle favorites like the Betty Burger and Honey Garlic Chicken.

The Dapper Goose

With a great patio in summer, The Dapper Goose boasts fancy small plates like ricotta toast and blackened green beans with larger mains of Korean fried chicken and saffron risotto. Their playful and unique menu is complemented by their extensive wine list.

Paula’s Donuts

Paula’s Donuts has been an institution in Buffalo since its opening in 1996. It’s even been featured on the Travel Channel. Try one of the angel cream donuts or a peanut stick.


Celebrating Buffalo’s German heritage, Schwabl’s claim to fame is their roast beef on traditional kümmelweck bread. Opened in 1837, this joint showcases traditional German fare like potato salad and hungarian goulash.

What are some camping mistakes to avoid when camping near Buffalo?

Camping in Buffalo is one of the best ways to get out in nature and breathe in the fresh air of the countryside. Although a camping trip in this region of New York is fairly straightforward, here are a few things you might not have considered.

Ignoring Proper Food Storage

The Buffalo area and surrounding wilderness are home to an increasing black bear population. Be sure to store food and toiletries properly when camping in areas that are frequented by bears and follow all park rangers and posted guidelines.

Winter Camping

With deep snowfall and blizzards always a lurking threat from December to February, winter isn’t exactly the best time to go camping in Buffalo. If you’re planning to brave the snowy wilderness, be sure to check the weather before venturing out; an imminent storm could be approaching.

Ignoring Winter Safety

Frozen streams, lakes, and rivers might be picturesque, but they’re also dangerous. Ice shelves frequently form along the Great Lakes shoreline, and while they look fun to climb, they are known to collapse. Be cautious around frozen bodies of water.

What wild animals might I encounter while camping in Buffalo?

Animals like bobcats, moose, gray fox, eurasian boars, coyotes, bald eagles, otters, swans, egrets, and thousands of others call Buffalo home. One of the most interesting animals in the area is the American beaver who is busy building intricate dams along the city’s myriad waterways.

Some of the wild areas around Buffalo are seeing an increasing amount of black bears. Nearby parks and wildlife preserves may require proper food storage if you plan to camp in these locations.

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