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20 Easy Camping Recipes for Your Next Trip Outdoors

by CampspotterOct 24, 2023
20 Easy Camping Recipes for Your Next Trip Outdoors

Hitting the road for a camping trip doesn’t mean you have to compromise on delicious eating. In fact, camping can be a culinary escapade all its own. No matter where you’ve found your wilderness retreat—be it in the woods, by the lake, or mountainside—this mouthwatering list of 20 easy camping recipes will elevate your outdoor dining experience.

Easy Camping Recipes: Breakfast

1. Sweet and Savory French Toast Roll-Ups

plate full of French toast roll-ups with jam and cream cheese

Carlin Frimmel’s easy camping recipe takes traditional French toast and turns it into a delicious and portable treat. Cook these up with your filling of choice, and you’ll have a golden campfire-side breakfast that’s bursting with flavor in no time. This camping recipe includes two versions (raspberry cream cheese and ham and cheese), so you can satisfy both those sweet and salty cravings.

2. Easy Camping Breakfast Burritos

a breakfast burrito cut in half on a chopping board for an easy camping recipe

Scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, gooey cheese, and zesty salsa—all snugly tucked inside a warm tortilla? Yes, please. This breakfast burrito camping recipe by Carlin Frimmel is a breakfast that’s as easy to make as it is to devour. It’s also a perfect go-to breakfast recipe no matter the size of your group. Roll up your sleeves, grab your skillet, and get ready to make your morning outside that much better.

3. Shakshuka With Feta

This easy camping recipe for shakshuka, courtesy of Kelsey Frey, is your ticket to a sizzling, spicy, and utterly satisfying camping breakfast (or lunch or dinner). Get ready for a bubbling, flavorful tomato sauce infused with spices, eggs gently poaching in the middle, and creamy feta crumbled on top. This nourishing dish will get you ready for a day full of hiking, or warm you back up if you prefer to eat it later in the day.

4. Camping Pancakes: Apple Bourbon Style

pancakes topped with apple bourbon topping and bacon on on the side for an easy camping recipe

This easy camping recipe by Kendra Clapp Olguín is pure breakfast magic for the wilderness. Whip up these pancakes over the fire, stack ’em up, and top off with the apple bourbon pancake topping, and you’ll find everyone munching away in breakfast bliss. These can also make for a great trail snack if you have leftovers.

Easy Camping Recipes: Lunch or Dinner

5. Delicious Dutch Oven Lasagna Camping Recipe

the lid being lifted off of a Dutch oven full of lasagna over the campfire

Carlin Frimmel’s Dutch oven lasagna camping recipe will have everyone singing “delizioso!” Grab your Dutch oven, prepare for a taste explosion, and transform into the camping chef who whips up a bubbling, cheesy masterpiece that will leave everyone wanting seconds. The best part? It’s so easy to make.

6. Zucchini and Potato Fritters With Zingy Yogurt Sauce

a stack of zucchini and potato fritters on a plate with yogurt sauce, an easy camping recipe

Turn your campsite into a foodie fiesta with Carlin Frimmel’s zucchini and potato fritters. This easy camping recipe transforms freshly grated zucchini and potatoes into fried, crispy perfection. Top it all off with a tangy yogurt sauce that’s like a flavor-packed party for your mouth. Now this is how you get your veggies in during travel.

7. Campfire Pizza

a campfire pizza being pulled out of the oven

This easy camping recipe by Kendra Clapp Olguín is the perfect guide to build your own personal pizzas by the campfire, complete with bubbling cheese, savory toppings, and a crispy crust kissed by the flames. Create your cheesy, melty masterpieces, all while you stargaze and bond around the campfire. Who says you can’t have your pie and eat it too, even in the wild!

8. Campfire Roasted Tomato Pasta with Burrata and Broccolini

person splitting burrata over. aplate of tomato pasta and broccolini

Kendra Clapp Olguín’s easy camping recipe for tomato pasta with burrata and broccolini is the ultimate gourmet delight that’ll have you feeling like a campsite chef extraordinaire. With a spectrum of flavors ranging from smokey, to sweet, to tangy, to creamy, this dish will likely go from being a campfire cuisine to a kitchen mainstay after your travels.

9. Easy Potato Salad Recipe With Crispy Bacon Bits

bowl of potato salad on picnic table

This easy camping recipe by Carlin Frimmel will have potato salad lovers reaching for seconds. Simple, comforting, and absolutely delightful, this recipe is the perfect side dish for your camping trip, family gathering, or BBQ party. You can make this the day-of or ahead of time.

10. Black Beans and Rice With Fried Plantains on the Campfire

person adding plaintains to a dish with rice and beans

Kendra Clapp Olguín serves up a Cuban-inspired campfire recipe that’ll fill you up after a long day of adventure. This quick and easy camping meal is the perfect combination of creamy black beans, starchy rice, and sweet fried plantains that can be made on the campfire. Bonus: you won’t dirty as many dishes with this camping recipe.

11. Campfire Nachos, Mexican Street Corn, and Quick Black Beans

camper pouring wine next to a bowl of campfire nachos and Mexican street corn

This is nacho average campfire meal. Kendra Clapp Olguín’s campfire nachos is a delicious and easy camping recipe that can give you a mouthwatering break from the quintessential burgers and hot dogs. Crispy tortilla chips piled high with ooey-gooey cheese, zesty street corn, and zippy black beans—this culinary delight is sure to be a hit around the campfire.

Easy Camping Recipes: Snacks

12. Roasted Chestnuts on an Open Fire (and on the Stovetop)

roasted chestnuts on a Dutch Oven over the campfire

Gather ’round the campfire for Carlin Frimmel’s roasted chestnuts recipe. Use these step-by-step instructions to roast this delicious snack, and enjoy the sweet, buttery taste and delightful aroma that will fill your campsite (or home).

13. Cheese and Charcuterie Campsite Picnic

a spread of cheese and charcuterie at the campsite

Ditch the cast-iron—this post by Kendra Clapp Olguín will help you prepare a spread of artisan cheeses and savory charcuterie for those camping days when you just don’t want to cook. Whether you’re camping in the wild, picnicking at the park, or just having a backyard soirée, this is the ultimate way to elevate your outdoor feast.

14. 5 Food-and-Wine Pairings for Camping

spread of cutting boards topped with cheese, charcuterie, and other dishes next to bottles of wine

Kendra Clapp Olguín’s guide will break down everything you need with your specific type of wine while camping. Depending on your red or white, check out this post for the specific cheese, bread, fruits, nuts, popcorn, burgers, french fries you need with your glass—maybe even throw in a s’more or two.

Easy Camping Recipes: Dessert

15. No-Bake Nutella Cheesecake Parfait Recipe

a camper sprinkling crumbly topping over a Nutella cheesecake parfait easy camping recipe

Carlin Frimmel’s no-bake Nutella cheesecake parfait is a sweet symphony for your taste buds that requires zero oven time and all the outdoor fun. Whip up this rich, velvety sweet treat and enjoy with your loved ones (or skip the sharing and scoop it all up for yourself).

16. Easy Camp Stove Maple Apple Crisp

This easy camping recipe for maple apple crisp recipe, courtesy of Carlin Frimmel, is the perfect sweet treat to enjoy for dessert, or even for breakfast with some Greek yogurt. Cook this up over the campfire in just approximately 15 minutes. Nothing tastes quite like fall like sweet maple syrup-infused apples topped with a golden, crispy oat crumble.

17. S’more Sundae

camper holding a bowl of a s'more sundae (creative, easy camping recipe) by the campfire

Kendra Clapp Olguín’s camping recipe is a creative twist on the classic s’more. Get ready for gooey marshmallows toasted to golden perfection, decadent chocolate sauce drizzled on top, and a scoop of velvety ice cream, all nestled in crunchy graham cracker. It’s like a campfire party in your mouth, frankly.

Easy Camping Recipes: Beverages

18. Boozy Spiced Hot Chocolate (Kid-Friendly Version Included)

woman holding a mug of hot chocolate with candy cane hanging out

Sip, savor, and get cozy with Carlin Frimmel’s boozy spiced hot chocolate. It’s the campfire-side drink that turns chilly nights into delicious adventures. Whether you’re gathered around the fire, cuddled up at home, or embarking on a winter camping escapade, this surprisingly easy camping recipe transforms your setting into a snuggly retreat.

19. Charred Citrus Camping Cocktails

a camper adding a charred orange slice as a garnish to a camping cocktail recipe

Cheers to the great outdoors with Carlin Frimmel’s charred citrus camping cocktails. Try the Grilled Lime Moscow Mule for a twist on the popular vodka buck, or whip up the Burnt Orange Old Fashioned for a smoky spin on this classic drink. A handful of simple ingredients is all you need to create these adult beverages in just a few minutes. Camping cocktails: where relaxation meets mixology magic, one sip at a time.

Easy Camping Recipes: Holidays

20. Thanksgiving Camping Recipes

a Thanksgiving meal spread with stuffed squash, sides, and more, set. up by RV

Kendra Clapp Olguín’s post is the ultimate guide to creating a delicious Thanksgiving spread while camping. Throw a fall celebration with this full menu of possibilities for your family’s Campsgiving, including sour cream and cheddar mashed potatoes, smoky roasted beets on horseradish yogurt and mint, campfire corn, classic pumpkin pie, and much more.

Camping Recipes for Easy Eating

Camping cuisine doesn’t have to be basic or boring; it can be a delightful journey of flavors and memories. Whether you’re grilling under the stars or preparing gourmet meals with minimal equipment, use these easy camping recipes to wow and delight. Happy camping and bon appétit!

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