The Best Camping Near Bastrop State Park, Texas

The Best Camping Near Bastrop State Park, Texas

Can’t choose just one outdoor activity for your next adventure? Camping near Bastrop State Park allows easy access to countless pastimes, from boating and birding to swimming and hiking.

Bastrop State Park, Texas
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About Camping Near Bastrop State Park

No matter your desired activity level or your preferred lodging style, camping near Bastrop State Park provides a wealth of options. Take a scenic drive and relax by a campfire, or get the blood pumping on 12 miles of biking trails and seven miles of hiking routes! Enjoy the fresh air and the breathtaking scenery at any pace.

Top Campgrounds Near Bastrop State Park, Texas

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Bastrop State Park Camping FAQs

While not too far from Austin, this Texas state park doesn’t get nearly the traffic that some of its neighbors get. Don’t take that as an invitation to come in unprepared, though. Still in close proximity to the state’s capital, the park sees decent visitation numbers on weekends and holidays, so plan ahead.

What’s the Best Time of Year to Go Camping Near Bastrop State Park?

You can camp here in the summer, though the Texas Hill Country and surrounding areas get quite warm. With summertime averages in the upper 90s during the daytime, most campers will want to wait until fall or spring to see Bastrop State Park. Of course, the seasonally open pool can only be used from June to September, so summer travelers have options to keep cool.

Spring and fall are still the best times to be here, regardless of whether the pool is open or closed. Fall takes its time getting here, though, with September still averaging a daytime high around 90. By the middle of October, temperatures get down into the low 80s and start to become much more comfortable, especially once the sun sets and it starts to drop into the 50s and 60s.

Spring is the time to visit any section of Texas that gets good wildflowers. March and April are beautiful times to be in the Hill Country, as the flowers are in bloom and the temperatures are still moderate. Spring averages a daytime high of 80 degrees, though early spring is comfortably in the 70s. Nights still stay comfortably cool in the 40s and 50s, making it the best time to see Bastrop State Park.

While you can camp here during winter, most travelers will want to pass. The daytime temperatures are a modest 60-something throughout the season, with overnights around 40. However, seasonal amenities are gone, and this section of the state is much prettier when spring rolls around.

Tips for Camping Near Bastrop State Park

Most Bastrop Campsites Don’t Have Hookups

While some campsites do offer full hookups, the majority of them offer either only water or electrical, or none at all. There are fewer than 30 full hookup sites, so consider alternative campground options. Whether you need a backup plan or just want a site with a fuller suite of amenities, there are plenty of great private campgrounds within driving distance.

There Are Several State Parks Nearby

Bastrop State Park has a great location, just a short drive from several other state parks—the closest being Buescher State Park. If you want to see several state parks in one trip, getting a Texas state parks pass is usually the most cost-effective route. After a few parks (or a few trips to the same park), the pass pays for itself.

Wildlife Sightings Are Rare But Not Impossible

There aren’t any predators in Bastrop State Park that you have to worry about. While some Texas state parks have snakes or larger predators you want to be aware of before your visit, Bastrop is the opposite.

The animals here are generally smaller, but you do want to watch out for one animal: deer. While they don’t pose a threat, deer can be serious pests if they become used to humans. If you’ve lived in an area where deer are plentiful, you know what I’m talking about. Make sure to keep all your food and trash locked up, and don’t try to pet the deer; they’re still wild animals.

What Are the Top Outdoor Activities Near Bastrop State Park?

Bastrop State Park is one of the more exciting locations in Texas for water sports of all kinds. Since you have the Colorado River running just nearby, as well as Lake Bastrop, Bastrop State Park and the surrounding areas are a hotbed of water sports activity. Like some other Texas state parks, Bastrop also has a pool open seasonally from late June to early September.

For those wanting to stay on land, the park has several trails for hiking and biking. There are seven total miles of hiking trails in the park, and Park Road 1C is a 12-mile scenic route that’s perfect for cycling or driving.

The Best Camping Near Bastrop State Park

Oak Forest RV Resort

Oak Forest is for the luxury traveler who wants quick access to Austin. You’re just 10 minutes from downtown when you stay at Oak Forest RV Resort, though you’ll still feel like you’re out in the country with all the greenery surrounding the park. Pull-through and back-in full hookup sites accommodate rigs up to 45 feet in length, and the tiny cabin is perfect for those who drove their car here.

The Pines at Bastrop RV Park

If your priorities are the opposite of Oak Forest RV Resort, The Pines is the closest possible campground to Bastrop State Park (outside of the park itself, of course). You’ll find this peaceful patch of land perfect for unplugging and enjoying the fresh air. Still, should you want to get into town, you’re just half an hour from Austin. Though it’s not a resort, there is still 24-hour laundry service, high-speed Wi-Fi, and a dog park.

Austonia RV Resort

Deep in the heart of Texas, this RV resort puts you comfortably near both Austin and Bastrop State Park. Amenities here are functional and simple, though still offering everything you need for a comfortable RV stay. When you’re surrounded by groves of trees, it’ll be easy to forget how close to the city you really are. Spots here are massive, fitting vehicles up to 90 feet long, so even the biggest rigs will have more than ample breathing room.

Sun Outdoors Lake Travis

This is an appealing destination for summertime travelers, as it’s right next to Lake Travis. You’re just moments from the water, so it’s easy to enjoy a lake day while on vacation. Of course, with several pools on-site, you only need to leave the campground if you feel like it. Like all Sun Outdoors locations, this spot is filled with modernized amenities like a fitness center and clubhouse, so you have everything you could need to stay active or completely relaxed.

Austin Lone Star

It’s surprisingly easy to be moments from downtown Austin while still feeling like you’re in the middle of the country. Austin Lone Star is just five miles from the heartbeat of one of the biggest cities in the Lone Star State, yet you’d never guess it. There are more than 150 sites to choose from, all with plenty of room to park your rig and enjoy full hookups.

The park itself offers plenty of fun and function, with an arcade, playground, and dog park to keep you active. Should you need any essentials, you can purchase RV supplies and other basics on-site.

Are There National Parks Near Bastrop State Park?

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park

(1 hour and 45 minutes)

This historical park preserves the life and legacy of former president Lyndon B. Johnson. A native Texan, the LBJ Ranch is a part of this park, giving visitors a sense of the lifestyle he and his family lived during his time at the ranch. While visitors can tour the home, the grounds themselves are beautiful and great for afternoon walks.

Waco Mammoth National Monument

(2 hours)

Yep, turns out there were mammoths in Texas. To be exact, 24 Columbian mammoths. At least, 24 that have been currently found. This monument is still an active dig site, so visitors can see firsthand just what goes into uncovering the remains of these mammoths and other various mammals found here. Interestingly enough, the Waco Mammoth National Monument holds the only currently known evidence of a herd of nursery mammoths in all of the United States.

Sam Houston National Forest

(2 hours)

There are four total national forests in Texas, all in the eastern portion. While it’s a bit of a drive, this is the national forest to see if you only have time for one. Named for the famous Texan, whose name also adorns the state’s largest city, this is easily the most popular and well-loved of the state’s four national forests. It’s also one of the best hiking opportunities anywhere in the Hill Country and Gulf of Mexico areas of Texas.

Which State Parks Are Near Bastrop State Park?

Buescher State Park

(15 minutes)

Think of Buescher State Park like the younger brother of Bastrop State Park. While almost interconnected because of how close they are, Buescher doesn’t get nearly the visitation that Bastrop gets. If you find a crowded weekend at Bastrop, nearby Buescher State Park has great hiking, camping, and biking as well, but goes relatively overlooked.

McKinney Falls State Park

(30 minutes)

If you want to see McKinney Falls State Park (and you should), you need to plan ahead. This incredibly popular park is just over 10 miles from the state capital in Austin, so the place fills up quickly on weekends and holidays. Luckily, you can get a reservation in advance, but the best way to experience this park is a mid-week visit if you can.

Lockhart State Park

(45 minutes)

Lockhart is close to both San Antonio and Austin, meaning anyone who comes by plane or is a relative local has quick access. Lockhart State Park is unique in that it actually has a golf course administered by the park. Though only nine holes, how often do you find state parks where you can hit the links? Of course, beyond that, you’ll find the hiking trails and nature-watching that the area is known for.

What Are the Top Attractions Near Bastrop State Park?

McKinney Roughs Nature Park

Not to be confused with McKinney Falls, this park is administered through the Lower Colorado River Authority and aimed at adventure-seekers. The park offers plenty of high-flying outdoor activities like zip-lining and horseback riding. Admission is a nominal fee, and children 12 and under get completely free admission.


The Thinkery has been around since the early ‘80s and has since been the place to be for young minds wanting to explore the world around them. Exhibits here are interactive and operate on a rolling basis, so there’s always something new and exciting to see.

Austin Nature & Science Center

In the same vein as the Thinkery, the Austin Nature & Science Center offers hands-on outdoor education programs. The 80-acre campus has tons of things to intrigue families including fossil and dinosaur track replicas.

Where Is Some of the Best Food Near Bastrop State Park?


One of the newest restaurants in the town of Bastrop, Bastiano’s serves up brick oven-style pizzas alongside pasta and homemade gelato. The founders were inspired by their grandfather, who came to the United States from Sicily, and the restaurant carries his name in his honor since its founding in 2014.

Stem & Stone Craft Beer, Wine, and Eats

This unassuming little shop is the best place to grab craft beer in Bastrop. Serving up a rotating tap list filled with local and nationwide craft beer alongside macrobrew favorites and a full food menu, this spot has everything. If beer doesn’t intrigue you, there’s a full list of wine, coffee, tea, and soft drinks to enjoy.

Maxine’s Café & Bakery

If you haven’t experienced classic Southern cuisine, this is the place to fix that. Maxine’s serves up some of the classic lunch favorites like catfish, collard greens, and homestyle pork chops. The bakery section opens for breakfast as well, so you can enjoy Maxine’s any time of day.

With so many great state parks to choose from in the area, you may have to make a list of all the ones you want to see. When you’re constructing that shortlist, though, Bastrop State Park and all its offerings deserves a spot towards the top.

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