The Best Camping Near San Antonio, Texas

The Best Camping Near San Antonio, Texas

From attractions like the Alamo and Phil Hardberger Park to riverside sites and hiking adventures, campgrounds near San Antonio bring you close to entertainment of all sorts. Pack the kayak and buckle in for a getaway you won’t forget!

San Antonio, Texas
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About Camping Near San Antonio

Lounge riverside along the Medina River, dip your canoe in the Guadalupe, or hike by the San Marcos when you go camping near San Antonio. In addition to the outdoor attractions downtown like the riverwalk and the tea garden, campgrounds near San Antonio immerse you in the natural beauty of rushing rivers and centuries-old trees. For a mix of cultural attractions and unplugged activities, Alamo City is your perfect match.

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San Antonio Camping FAQs

Camping near San Antonio, TX—whether you’re going tent camping or searching for RV sites—is an incredibly awesome experience. Take your pick of the hundreds of sites set up at some of Texas’ most stunning state parks, like Garner State Park and Davis Mountains. You can take in the picturesque views that this great southern state and Texas Hill Country has to offer while hiking along dirt trails lined with cacti, or simply enjoy some peace and quiet as you sit beneath a star-filled sky—it’s truly something special.

And who can forget about post-camping hangouts in nearby towns? Whether it’s trying out the local BBQ joints and nightlife, or visiting other San Antonio attractions like the Alamo, you won’t regret choosing to go camping near this great city.

What is the best time of year to camp near San Antonio, TX?

Depending on who you ask, the best time of year for a camping trip near San Antonio, Texas, can vary. Some campers swear that autumn and early winter are ideal, as the weather remains mild and skies are typically clear with plenty of blue sunshine.

The balmy weather and crisp air of autumn, especially, create the perfect atmosphere for spending a night outdoors.

Others prefer summer and spring months, when making memories around the campfire feels infinitely magical in the mild Texas air.

All things considered, mid-springtime offers a unique balance between the comfortable temperatures and bright sunshine—perfect for taking advantage of all that San Antonio has to offer and creating adventure-filled days.

While it is wonderful to go camping near San Antonio, TX, at any time of year, spring and fall will be your best bets.

What are some nearby state parks?

There are a number of fantastic Texas parks around San Antonio that offer some of the best camping in the state.

Guadalupe River State Park

Guadalupe River State Park is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts who are traveling around San Antonio.

There are 13 miles of well-maintained hiking and biking trails across different terrains. The crystal-clear Guadalupe River runs through the park, just begging to be explored by canoe or kayak.

In addition, families can also enjoy a meal at a picnic table or take a dip at the beach area along the river.

Those going tent camping will rejoice—campers can choose from 85 water and electric campsites or nine walk-in tent sites.

Lockhart State Park

There’s something for everyone here; whether you’re a casual walker or an all-out hiker, there are trails of various difficulty levels. If you’d rather stay on land, you can explore the area on a mountain bike. Feeling adventurous? You can try out a few fly fishing spots around the park and catch some fish, too.

Not to mention, you can get some golfing in here too. No matter what type of experience you’re looking for at Lockhart State Park, it promises to deliver comfort and fun in beautiful surroundings.

Government Canyon State Natural Area

Exploring the natural beauty of Government Canyon State Natural Area on the north side of San Antonio is the perfect way to spend a weekend.

With almost 12,000 acres of rugged hills, lush vegetation, and stunning riverbanks, it has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for hiking and biking trails or some R&R by the water with some friends, Government Canyon State Natural Area is sure to provide your desired adventure.

This area offers tent ­sites and walk-in group tent camps.

Old Tunnel State Park

Get your adventure shoes on and explore the cave-like tunnel nestled in the rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country. This state park is all about bats—though don’t worry, they mostly just hang around at night! If you arrive at dusk, you’ll be guaranteed to catch a glimpse of them heading out for their nocturnal festivals.

Other activities at this Texas park include picnicking, bird-watching, and hiking, though no camping is allowed here.

Palmetto State Park

Just an hour from nearby cities Austin and San Antonio, Palmetto State Park is an outdoor paradise.

Wake up early and start your day with a refreshing canoe paddle down the San Marcos river (with your own canoe), followed by a delicious picnic lunch at one of their many secluded alcoves. You can also fish in the river or in Oxbow Lake. If you’re feeling energetic you can even explore some of the more remote areas of the park with a thrilling nature hike.

Finish off your day in true Texan style with some camping under starry night sky (don’t forget the cozy marshmallows!) With so much to offer, Palmetto State Park is an unforgettable place whether you’re visiting for a day or a week.

Blanco State Park

A favorite among Texas parks, Blanco State Park, just an hour from San Antonio, is the perfect place to enjoy some outdoor fun! On warm summer days, people can go kayaking in the river or fishing on one of the park’s many great fishing spots.

Hikers will love trekking through the hills, and even amateurs without special hiking gear will find something right up their alley. In addition, there are lots of playgrounds and campgrounds for kids and adults alike.

Campers can access full hookup RV sites or tent sites with water and electricity.

What are some tips for camping with pets in San Antonio?

Camping with pets around San Antonio can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be.

Prepare Ahead of Time

To make sure everyone enjoys the adventure in San Antonio, start by preparing your furry friend ahead of your camping trip. Make sure their vaccinations are up to date, and that you equip yourself with all the necessary supplies such as a leash, waste bags, food, and treats.

Also consider adding a pet first-aid kit just in case.

Keep an Eye on Your Pet’s Condition

Keep an eye out for signs that your pet is feeling stressed or overwhelmed. If this happens, give them some extra space and love.

Don’t Forget Pet Etiquette

Consider other campers’ feelings and keep your animal quiet at night or early in the morning.

What should I do if I encounter a bear while camping near San Antonio, Texas?

If you’re camping in San Antonio and have the misfortune of running into a bear, don’t panic!

Identify Yourself as a Human

Stand still while slowly moving your arms, remain calm, and talk slowly to show that you’re a human and not prey.

Stay Calm

Stay calm so as to not startle it—no need to move suddenly or scream because that might encourage it to attack.

Make Yourself Look Big

As you talk softly, try to make yourself look as large as possible, or even move to higher ground.

Leave the Area

Pretty straightforward. If this is difficult, wait for the bear to leave.

What are some things to do in San Antonio?

San Antonio is a great city with no shortage of fun things to do. Whether you’re looking for some outdoor activities, a classic family outing, or just something entertaining to do in your free time, San Antonio has it all.

River Walk

Of course, you can’t visit San Antonio without hitting up the famous River Walk. It’s lined with picturesque paths and filled with cafes and shops—what better place to spend an afternoon?

From towering trees shading your leisurely jaunt to historic architecture sprawling along the banks, a visit to San Antonio’s charming River Walk guarantees sights, sounds, and fun never to be forgotten. The unique layout of restaurants and shops built around the winding pathways creates a sense of adventure—it only takes one turn down an alleyway and suddenly you find yourself in another epoch. So kick off your shoes and prepare to get lost among San Antonio’s beautiful waterways.

The Alamo

Ideal for history lovers, families, and anyone else looking for an educational adventure, the sprawling compound of the Alamo provides plenty to explore.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Six Flags Fiesta Texas is an iconic amusement park located in San Antonio.

From roller coasters to water rides to live shows, Fiesta Texas has something to offer everyone. It even has a brand new 4D ride that will surely blow your mind!

On top of that, they’ve got delicious food, family-friendly activities and relaxing areas like the Celebration Plaza to enjoy. So come visit Six Flags Fiesta Texas and take in all the joys that it has to offer!

San Antonio Missions National Park

Nestled in the heart of South Texas, the San Antonio Missions National Park is steeped in history and culture. This Texas park is a piece of a UNESCO World Heritage Site preserving four of the five Spanish frontier missions in San Antonio.

But this fascinating patch of land isn’t just about history; it’s also packed with plenty of activities for modern adventurers! From kayaking to birdwatching to cycling along its multi-mile trail, San Antonio Missions National Park is a great place to enjoy the great outdoors.

So whether you’re into historical sites or outdoor activities, this national park is sure to have something for everyone.

The Pearl Amphitheater

Boasting a stunning modern design, this amphitheater far more than just a place to catch a show—it’s an experience designed from top to bottom for your enjoyment!

From the giant video monitors that entertain and inform you as you wait in line, to the wide variety of concession stands offering delicious snacks and beverages, it’s no wonder that this amphitheater has become so popular with locals.

Whether you are looking for a night out on the town or simply hoping to catch an amazing show by some of music’s biggest stars, the Pearl will surely provide.

The San Antonio Botanical Garden

This magnificent garden is an excellent destination to explore local flora and relax with a picnic.

Whether you want to take a leisurely stroll through the winding paths meandering between its vibrant flower beds, or observe its impressive collection of cacti and succulents, there’s plenty to discover here. And if that wasn’t enough, there are also interactive candlelit events to enjoy throughout the year, perfect for date night.

With its lively rivers and stunning Texas parks, San Antonio offers peace, beauty and adventure all in one place. Taking a trip to the Texas Hill Country is a must, not only because the views are amazing but also to get a sense of how vast and diverse this state really is. And let’s not forget the famous city lights of downtown—they truly create a magical atmosphere on dark summer nights.

Whether you want to take in some calm vibes, go fishing with friends or do some stargazing, camping in San Antonio has something for everyone.

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